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Kyocera Ceramic Utility Knife and Ceramic Y Peeler

Kyocera Ceramic 4.5” Utility Knife and Ceramic Horizontal Y Peeler

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics makes a wide range of kitchen knives and utensils with ceramic as their common feature with sharp long lasting edges and blades.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4.5/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 4.5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 4.5/5

Kyocera Ceramic Peeler and 4.5 inch Utlity Knife

Kyocera may be known as a cell phone and electronics company but they also have a business segment specializing in ceramics that has branched out to kitchen utensils and knives. Ceramic blades are quite different than steel with both benefits and a few disadvantages that can be minimized for use as a kitchen tool.

Kyocera has a couple of ceramic knife lines with the 4.5 inch utility knife being part of the Revolution series while the peeler I also received is part of their kitchen tools line. The Revolution line of knives comes in a variety of sizes and knife designs while the peelers also has several different styles to choose from.

Using Both Kitchen Utensils

The 4.5 inch utility knife is a great all around prep work knife such as cutting up vegetables and meat as long as it does not have bones. The utility knife for other uses like cutting quick breads or fruit is ideal as the ceramic blade does not impart a metallic taste to the food.

Steel blades can rust and transfer bits of food or liquid like acid from one food to another unless you take care to clean the blade between uses. A ceramic blade has a nonporous surface so microscopic bits of food and liquid cannot be transferred with a simple wipe and rinse to clean the blade.

Ceramic blades do not rust and clean up much like steel blades but they are not flexible at all so you need to use the knife knowing it cannot bend. Ceramic keeps an edge longer than steel which in my mind is the main reason to use ceramic for a knife blade over steel.

I have another ceramic kitchen knife of about the same size and use it often in the kitchen for cutting up meats and vegetables but never for meat with bones. I hardly ever buy meat with bones in it but when I do I use one of my steel knives because the bone will dull a ceramic blade.

Bones also have the chance of getting the knife at an odd angle and cause you to bend the blade which a ceramic knife is not capable of. More likely than not the blade will break if you try to bend it without being careful cutting near or around bones which is the main drawback to ceramic blades.

Kyocera Knife for Cutting Cooked Meat

The Kyocera 4.5 inch utility knife is a nice all around knife for prep work and for general cutting around the kitchen and for serving use like cutting fruit or quick breads at the table. Several times I have used my ceramic knives while eating dinner to cut quick breads like banana or pumpkin bread.

The knife does a great job when sharp precision is needed such as cutting onions for a soup or stew and then going to other parts of the meal like chicken or beef. The ceramic knife is easy to wipe clean and move on to the next food without having to fully wash off the knife.

The Kyocera knives come in a variety of handle colors but it’s the blade color that matters more as the blade can go through an extra firing process during manufacturing. A white blade on a ceramic knife is hard but a black blade has undergone an extra firing process to make the molecules of the blade even tighter so the blade is harder and more durable.

A ceramic blade that has undergone this extra process will be harder than one that has not so the cost of this process will be added to the final cost of the knife. A Kyocera 4.5 inch utility knife from the Revolution line costs about $30  for the white blade and about $40 for the black blade.

Everyday Use

I have been using the Kyocera ceramic utility knife for a month and have really enjoyed using the sharp bladed knife for all the work I do in my kitchen. I have also had the Kyocera Ceramic Horizontal Y Peeler that is great for everyday prep work of vegetables and fruits.

The ceramic peeler I received is the Horizontal Y Peeler that has two eye corers on each side for getting the eyes out of potatoes and similar vegetables. The Y peeler has the blade of the peeler imbedded in a plastic swivel that attaches to the handle using posts on the swivel head.

The ceramic blade is a simple straight edge that swivels on the handle to cut thinly from your fruit and vegetables to peel the thin layer from the surface. The peeler with its horizontal head works well for all kinds of fruit and vegetables including soft fruits like Kiwi.

Harder vegetables like potatoes are easy and the peeler does well for both peeling and getting dimples and eyes from the vegetables using the side corers. The peeler has a good sized handle that fits nicely in the hand and gives good control while peeling with its triangular shape and curved bump right where the handle splits for the head.

The Y peeler has a very good cut and the sharp ceramic blade means no worries about the blade dulling and having to buy a new peeler anytime soon. The peeler has very good reviews on Amazon with a few people complaining that their peeler broke in one way or another but Kyocera has you covered.Peeler Swivel Head

Kyocera has a lifetime warranty for their knives and a 5 year warranty with other kitchen tools so if the tool itself breaks like your peeler the company will repair or replace it. Knives that get damaged like broken or large chips will be replaced with a new knife and if the blade only needs sharpening they will do that for a small fee.

Kyocera will sharpen their knives but you do have to pay for shipping and handling with a $10 fee for up to five knives which is a good price for sharpening if you have numerous knives. This is a very reasonable cost for the service you are getting as I have checked out sharpening services and usually costs about $2 to $3 per knife.

The Kyocera Ceramic Peeler has worked well for my daily needs for the past month just like the ceramic knife I received at the same time. Both kitchen tools are available online from Amazon and the Kyocera site as well as several stores like Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table.

I highly recommend the Kyocera Ceramic 4.5” Utility Knife and Ceramic Horizontal Y Peeler as great everyday utensils for any kitchen.

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