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Bissell SpotClean Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner

Bissell SpotClean Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner

Bissell SpotClean Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner makes an excellent choice for cleaning small carpets and for spot and stain removal on upholstery and furniture at home or in vehicles.

The Bissell SpotClean 5207 is a fantastic portable carpet cleaner for spot and stain cleaning that also works well to clean vehicle upholstery and furniture.

Ease of Use, Performance: 5/5
Look & Feel: 5/5
Features: 4/5
How much I enjoy: 4/5

Recommendation: 4.5/5 Stars

Bissell SpotClean 5207 Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell SpotClean 5207 makes a great spot and stain carpet cleaner that is portable and easy to use with a completely removable valve system in the dirty tank. The SpotClean 5207 uses two tools and a two tank system for portable cleaning of upholstery and carpets.

The SpotClean 5207 can clean carpets or spot and stain spills on upholstery easily and quickly with tools for regular cleaning and deep cleaning. The SpotClean 5207 has a clean and dirty water tank with fill marks on the clean tank for small and large jobs.

SpotClean 5207 Whats in the Box

The dirty water tank has a fully removable valve system that is much easier to clean than previous models and really makes the spot and stain cleaner easy to use. The HeatWave Technology helps to keep your clean water tank warm by directing the motors exhaust along the clean water tanks side and base.

The SpotClean 5207 comes with a general cleaning tool that has a brush and spray nozzle for cleaning upholstery and regular pile carpets. The Deep Reach tool has a small brush head with plastic nozzles that spray your water deep into carpet for better cleaning.

Parts of the Bissell SpotClean

The powerful motor gives great suction to pull up as much dirty water as it can which helps for cleaning spot and stain removal and getting the carpet dry quickly. The machine uses a regular carpet cleaner or Bissell’s carpet cleaner as well as an oxygen cleaner to lift and remove any spot or stain.

I found using an oxygen cleaner really helped a lot to get rid of stains but one thing while working with the SpotClean really made more work for me. I started to demonstrate the SpotClean 5207 on a spot and stain filled carpet and wound up having to clean the whole carpet.

Bissell SpotClean Tool Storage

The SpotClean 5207 did a great job of cleaning the carpet and removed all the spot and stain areas as well as the general dirt of the carpet. I did not realized how much the carpet needed a cleaning and wound up cleaning the whole thing with the portable carpet cleaner.

The Bissell Spot Clean 5207 is an excellent spot and stain cleaner and is easy to recommend for a portable carpet cleaner.

Dirty Water Tank Bissell SpotClean

Easy to Clean Dirt Water Tank
Easy To Use
Separate Tools for General and Deep Cleaning

Keeps Water Warm But Does Not Heat Fully

SpotClean @ Bissell