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Demarle Silpat Entremet Silicone Baking Pan

Demarle Silpat Entremet Silicone Baking Pan

The Silpat Entremet is a silicone baking pan that has revolutionized the baking industry according to chefs because it simply makes baking and handling sheet goods quicker and easier.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

Demarle Silpat Entremet Baking Pan

I was beginning the review for the Demarle Silpat Entremet and I came across an interesting quote about the Silpat Entremet saying it has revolutionized baking for chefs and other professionals. While this may be overstating the fact that it is just a pan it does make baking much easier and with simple cleanup that it can secure its place in many kitchens.

The Silpat Entremet is made by Demarle, a French company that has made baking and cooking products since 1965 and has a new take on the traditional baking sheet for cakes and other goodies. The Demarle Silpat Entremet is a silicone baking pan that uses food grade silicone for its superior nonstick cooking and high temperature resistance.

Entremet Baking Pan Top & Bottom

The shiny cooking side allows for almost nonstick cooking but a thin layer of cake or other baked goods will stick to it but no cooking spray or greasing is necessary. The Entremet Pan is 10 by 13.8 inches so it fits on any regular sized cookie sheet and has .8 inch high sides for baking sheet cakes and other desserts.

The molded design allows for flexibility when removing your cakes and other goods so using the Entremet for baking is far superior to non-flexible cake sheets and pans. The flexible nature of the silicone allows you to bake with the pan on a cookie sheet for the rigidity needed for cooking while removing and working with the baked good is easier with the flexible silicone pan.

The Entremet pan allows home cooks to use the same professional quality tools that are used by chefs to make your own desserts and goodies. While the pan may not seem like the biggest thing to hit your kitchen it does make a convincing argument to have a variety of pans and other cooking gadgets in the kitchen for things like cakes, brownies and much more.

Brownies in the Entremet Baking Pan

A main feature is the quick cleanup where the pan does not have much stuck to it after baking even if you over cook your baked goods. The silicone pan will have a thin layer of crumbs or baked goods attached to it but this is easily wiped out and cleaned off using mild soapy water.

I did not find any instructions that say the Entremet is not dishwasher safe but it is also not mentioned in the included instructions that it is so a simple washing in the sink is what I would do. Cleanup is easy and those corners are easy to clean out with the flexible silicone but storage is also easy with the foldable and flexible pan.

You can store the silicone pan with your other cookie sheets and the flexible design allows you to fold the pan for storing in drawers that would not fit the pan full sized. Easy cleanup and storage makes for some good features but handling those large baked goods as sheets is where the Entremet excels.

Dealing with a full sized sheet of cake and flipping it over while still getting it out of the pan in one piece is fantastic for both cake type baking and thicker recipes like brownies. The Entremet makes handling and working with sheet goods so much easier than rigid pans which is why chefs are praising the newer pans from Demarle.

Baking a Sponge Cake

I have used the Entremet for cakes creating layered desserts that not only look good but taste great as well as other more traditional home recipes like brownies. The Entremet is great for easy cleanup as well as easily getting the baked goods out of the pan but for some desserts like layered cakes and lady fingers the entremets really is fantastic.

I have worked on desserts like Tiramisu using Lady Fingers which is actually a sponge cake and used them in various desserts like Strawberry Shortcake. The Entremet pan makes handling the finished baked goods so much easier when trying to remove the layered cake from the pan that it has become a staple in my baking.

I highly recommend the Demarle Silpat Entremet as a must have baking and cooking pan that will surely revolutionize your own cooing. The Demarle Silpat Entremet is available at many cooking and baking sites as well as Amazon for about $55 for the 10 by 13 inch pan.

Demarle USA Website

Silpat Entremet @ Amazon

Pastry Chef working with Silpat Entremet

Oxo Good Grips Small, Medium & Large Cookie Scoops

Oxo Small Medium & Large Cookie Scoops

The OXO Small, Medium and Large Cookie Scoops are essential kitchen tools for baking cookies but is also a must for all kinds of recipes in cooking and baking such as meatballs and muffins.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4.5/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 4.5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 4.5/5

oxo good grips cookie scoops

OXO, pronounced Ox-Oh, is a consumer products manufacturer that really tries to help with daily tasks by making things easier for all kinds of things. As OXO puts it in their own words “OXO is dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier.”

The OXO Good Grips line are essential everyday products that have the usual rubber grips or even the general design to help you keep the tool or utensil in your hand while using. Good Grips line of products include not only kitchen utensils but garden, laundry, cleaning, storage and office products for a wide variety of affordable products.

OXO has a wide range of kitchen utensils so I get down to basics with one that comes in a variety f sizes and can be used for a lot of cooking and baking. The OXO cookie scoops come in three different sizes and are made from stainless steel with rubber grips and cost from $13 to $15.

The three different sizes are 60, 40 and 20 when measured in portions or the number of scoops that fill one quart while the measurements for those are 2 teaspoons, 1 1/2 tablespoons and 3 tablespoons. The scoops make great kitchen utensils but are alright for solid frozen ice cream or other frozen treats but these are much more than simple kitchen utensils.

making meatballs hopeful terrier not helpful

The OXO scoops are made from stainless steel which prevents rust and is dishwasher safe with a rubber coated squeeze handle. The rubber coated handles use two plastic posts that are melted on the inside of the handle to hold them to the steel handles.

The scoop works with a rounded scoop and a sweep inside it that is shaped to clear the scoop when you squeeze the handles using gears. One handle of the scoop goes all the way to the scoop head while the other handle is hinged at the neck of the utensil for sturdy use.

The scoop sweep works using a round gear and a rack gear that is attached to one handle to turn the round gear when the handle is squeezed which rotates the sweep. The sweep is very close to the scoop to prevent food from jamming up the sweep but when making cookies I did have scraps of dough that came out, mostly with the largest scoop.

The OXO cookie scoops are best used to portion food or recipe ingredients like when making cookies, meatballs and other foods that you want all the same size. I did try all three scoops for a wide variety of foods including watermelon and cantaloupe, meatballs, ice cream and several recipes of cookies.

Three Sizes of Cookies

The scoops work best with food that is semisoft but not too soft and again not too hard to scoop the food out like you want it. Scooping for portion control works great for things like cookies because you get each cookie on a sheet cooked to the same doneness.

You can use a cookie scoop for easily rounded cookies like Mexican Wedding Cookies as well as to portion the dough for the same amount per cookie. When each cookie has the same amount of dough even when flattened it will take about the same amount of time to cook them so all the cookie are done at the same time.

When making meatballs I had no problems getting a nice round scoop by simply digging into a bowl of prepared meat and wiping the scoop along the edge to ensure the same amount in each scoop. I would then release the meatball into my hand and round it out quickly before depositing it in a pan to start cooking by searing.

Some of the features that make the OXO scoops a great addition to any kitchen are the handles with their non-slip rubber and the general design. The OXO scoops are high quality materials and sturdy when using against solid ice cream but I have a flatter and one piece scoop that works better for digging into harder ice cream and other solid frozen treats.

trying to make peppermint candies

The one piece ice cream scoops that OXO sells would be better for everyday use on ice cream while the cookie scoops are definitely a cooking tool instead of for serving ice cream. You can use the cookie scoop to make almost perfect scoops of ice cream but it does take an extra effort to get those scoops if the ice cream is solid.

The scoop does not have a sharp edge so cutting through solidly frozen ice cream or harder fruit like cantaloupe will be more a matter of muscles than simple scooping. The OXO cookie scoops are not really made for use on ice cream though, it works best for scooping things like cookie dough, raw meats and even making cake pops.

I have used all three OXO cookie scoops thoroughly for things like cookies, cake pops, meatballs and the everyday use of scooping ice cream. I had problems from time to time scooping ice cream when it was frozen hard but other uses like cookies and meat balls really worked well.

Making cake pops also made for an easy way to scoop and roll dough but the cake balls were made with a baked cake and frosting mixed thoroughly so it was pretty soft like cookie batter. The cake balls all came out equally sized due to the portion control feature of the scoops and made for an easy way to make the cake pops.

perfect peanut butter cookies

I really enjoyed working with the OXO cookie scoops and can easily recommend these as an affordable and high quality kitchen utensil that is a must for any household.

OXO Website

Large Cookie Scoop

Medium Cookie Scoop

Small Cookie Scoop

Demarle Silpain & Roul’Pat Baking Mats

Demarle Silpain & Roul’Pat Baking Mats

The Demarle Silpain makes a fantastic bread baking mat while the Roul’Pat works exceptionally well for both preparation and baking of all kinds of foods.

Ease of Use/Performance: 24/25
Convenience/Storage 23/25
Appearance/Design 23/25
How much I enjoy 25/25

Total: 95/100

Baking Mats DeMarle Silpain and Roulpat

Demarle is a French company established in 1965 developing nonstick baking products for the food industry with subsidiaries in Germany and the United States. Demarle makes silicone coated baking mats, specialty baking mats and pastry mats for nonstick baking and preparation like rolling dough.

Demarle is known worldwide as professional quality with the brand names Silpat, Silpain, Silform, Flexipan and Flexipat. Some of the baking mats are for special baking with forms and textures for specific pastries and baked goods while others are more for generic preparation and baking.

Demarle sent me two baking mats with both mats being perfect for home baking and fits the common half sheet cooking sheets people use for baking at home. The Demarle Silpain is a cooking mat specifically for baking breads while the Roul’Pat is great for rolling pie dough’s and baking.

using roulpat to roll cookie dough

The Demarle Silpain is a silicone mat that has a fiberglass weave inside but there are holes in the mat for water and air to pass through. The Demarle Roul’Pat is a solid silicone covered mat for rolling dough’s, mixing ingredients like making noodles and for baking.

The 1/2 sheet Silpain and Roul’Pat are 11 5/8 inches by 16 1/2 inches and fits a 13 by 18 inch sheet pan nicely for baking and cooking breads and other baked goods. The Silpain baking mats are great for breads and other dough based baked goods due to the holes in the mat design that allows water and air to pass through.

The Silpain mats are a fiberglass weave that has a silicone coating but with holes through the mat in the center area except for the 3/4 inch edge around the mat. This open air weave allows air to come up under the baking goods so that water will seep out of the dough and through the mat leaving a perfect crispy crust.

cresent rolls

The Silpain is a professional quality mat and is used worldwide by bakers and cooks for great tasting and quality breads and baked goods. The non-stick silicone material covering the fiberglass weave ensures food won’t stick to the mat when baking but the Silpain works best for breads and thicker dough type baked goods.

I did some testing for baked goods and a few other things and found that cookies don’t work so well on the Silpain due to the cookie being more fats and less flour. Breads use more flour than cookies so a cookie based recipe will seep more into the holes of the Silpain baking mat and stick

They do not stick much but to easily slide them off the mat takes a spatula while other breads I have baked slide off simply by moving the mat out of the oven. I did bake some French bread pizza and baked cheese into the Silpain but the cheese simply peeled off and the leftover residue washed off just as easily.

pizza on the silpain

Breads work very well for the nonstick baking mat and even if you’re not that good at making them yourself you can use store bought dough and even those refrigerator dough’s like Pillsbury for baking. I tried some store bought dough from Fetting’s, a frozen bread dough that happens to be from the same town where my wife grew up and it worked great.

The Fetting’s dough comes as four loaf sized frozen dough’s that you thaw and can bake in a pan or just plop down on the baking mat and bake as an Artisanal or old world style. Baking breads not in a loaf pan makes the shape more varied for an interesting and crustier bread that is perfect as a side for meals.

The Silpain works well for those refrigerator breads and even for pizza from these types of bread dough’s that come straight from the fridge to the oven. I tried some crescent rolls and pizza from the refrigerator dough that worked out very well and was tasty for some great baked goods.

Silicone Roulpat with Flourentine Cookies

The Roul’Pat is a great baking mat and rolling mat for preparing baked goods and other foods like noodles that is nonstick and easy to handle. The Roul’Pat as a food preparation mat needs a little care just like the Silpain with its fiberglass weave inside.

You cannot cut either baking mat so you need to make sure you don’t use knives or other sharp utensils on either mat so you don’t cut the fiberglass inside. Being fiberglass if you cut into the mat you may contaminate your food with fiberglass fibers that are inside the mat so don’t use sharp utensils on either mat.

The Roul’Pat makes a great food preparation mat with its nonstick surface for preparing foods like pie dough and noodles as well as bread. The mat makes an easy way to clean up after working on the food but it is also helpful in mixing as you can use the mat to help.

The mat is flexible so you can lift and roll the mat to help mix the ingredients as well as to move the ingredients to the center of the mat to help keep things on the mat. I had no problem mixing noodles and pie dough on the mat and liked being able to lift the mat to keep the ingredients centered.

The mat I received does not have any marks to help make a round pie shell but it does work well for rolling out dough and making a delicious pie. I also used it for mixing homemade noodles and the mat works especially well for this as you can easily lift the mat to the sink for cleanup.

The mat is great for making noodles as cleanup is much simpler being able to take the mat to the sink but baking and cooking with the mat is great as well. You can also freeze food on the mat for future baking due to the mats temperature range of -40 degrees to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can freeze dough and other ingredients on the Silpain because the silicone mat stays flexible even down to freezing temperatures. The Silpain works well for all kinds of baking and cooking like cookies were you don’t want things to stick to the cookie sheet you’re using.

The silicone mat does an excellent job with candies as well and other sticky things for both cooking and hardening candy that you can bake or drop onto the mat. The Roul’Pat makes an excellent addition to any kitchen for preparation, baking and easy cleanup for a wide variety of foods.

Both the Silpain and Roul’Pat make for a great pair of cooking and baking mats for both preparation and baking and are both about $25. I highly recommend the Silpain and Roul’Pat from Demarle for professional results in baking and cooking with easy cleanup.

Demarle Website

Beater Blade & Beater Blade Pro

The Beater Blade and Beater Blade Pro replaces your flat beater on Kitchen Aid and other popular brands of stand mixers using a unique plastic blade to scrape the bowl and mix ingredients faster than standard beater blades.

Ease of Use/Performance: 24/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 24/25
How much I enjoy 25/25

Total: 97/100

Beater Blade & Beater Blade Pro

Beater Blade and Beater Blade Pro are new blades for your stand mixer that adds a bowl scraping flexible plastic blade on each side of the beater blade to maximize mixing and scrape the bowl. The Beater Blade and Beater Blade Pro are both replacements with a flexible plastic blade along both sides that helps to scrape the bowl and dimple at the bottom as well as mix faster.

The Beater Blade makes mixing easier and faster as it incorporates and moves the ingredients around inside the bowl as well as scrapes the sides and bottom while using your stand mixer. The Beater Blade Pro is the institutional and professional grade Beater Blade made for frequent use at schools and restaurants with a yellow color instead of white.

The Beater Blade costs about $22 and the Beater Blade Pro costs about $30 for a great replacement for the beater blade that comes with the stand mixer. The Beater Blade and Beater Blade Pro come in models for the Kitchen Aid, Cuisinart, Viking and Kenwood stand mixers in various sizes.

I received the Beater Blade and Beater Blade Pro for my Kitchen Aid 4 quart stand mixer and am very impressed with the new blades. The Beater Blade helps to mix ingredients faster and better, incorporating the ingredients better due to the flexible plastic on the sides of the blade.

Beater Blades & Instructions

The Beater Blade and Beater Blade Pro are made from co-polyester plastic with a plastic blade that is adhered to the groove along the edge. On both the basic and Pro models the blade looks to be formed inside the groove or exceedingly well adhered or glued.

I really cannot tell any difference between the Beater Blade and Beater Blade Pro other than the color, both appear to be made of the same type of plastic. Both the Beater Blade and Pro also have the flexible plastic scraper well adhered to the beater blade seemingly made into the groove but it does look like it is well glued.

While it would be hard to get a definite time frame the Beater Blade and Pro does mix ingredients faster as well as scrapes the sides and bottom of the bowl. Both blades mix better than the flat blade that comes with the Kitchen Aid because of the silicone rubber blades that scrapes the sides while mixing.

Without & With the Beater Blade

These blades scrape the sides and move the ingredients around the bowl faster because the plastic blades increase the area of the blades and force the ingredients around the blade. The ingredients are forced toward the center of the bowl and then around the blade but not much adheres to the blades while mixing or when you’re finished.

More ingredients stuck to the metal beater blade that came with my Kitchen Aid mixer than the Beater Blade or Beater Blade Pro when using all three on the same recipe. I made several recipes and used all three blades to check performance and compare the blades by mixing with all three.

The instructions tell you that adjusting the blades to fit snuggly against the bowl may be required but my stand mixer did not need any adjustment. The blades scrape well against the bowl and really do a great job of mixing and incorporating ingredients but if adjustments are needed it is easy.

Beater Blade & Pound Cake

The Beater Blade cuts down on mixing time and makes the job of cooking easier by cutting down on mixing time and mixing better than the blade that comes with the stand mixer. The Beater Blade will not cut down time by much more than half but it will scrape and get more ingredients mixed as well as help with getting stuff out of the bowl.

You can use the Beater Blade to scrape the bowl when a mix is done using the flexible plastic side as a scrapper which is explained in several of the recipes on the Beater Blade website. There are several recipes on their site which I tried as well as numerous others and had a lot of fun using both the Beater Blades as well as enjoyed the food I made.

The blades make fast work of mixing dry and wet ingredients and really does a fast job of working on recipes that require simple folding of ingredients. I had an easy time with several recipes that required a variety of mixing and blending with both the blades that worked as well as each other.

The Beater Blade Difference

One final word on the quality for the Beater Blade, I recently attended the Taste of Home Cooking School demonstration and they use the Beater Blade in their on stage demonstration. The chef who was demonstrating the Taste of Home recipes used the Beater Blade, a better recommendation I could not give.

The Beater Blade and Beater Blade Pro are both fantastic replacements for the standard beater blade and definitely the best accessory you could buy for your stand mixer. I highly recommend the Beater Blade and Beater Blade Pro for a great beater and mixer blade for your stand mixer that works better than the one that comes with the stand mixer.

Beater Blade Website