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Kuhn Rikon Apple Knife Colori

 Kuhn Rikon Apple Knife Colori

The Kuhn Rikon Apple Knife Colori is an excellent apple corer with a built in knife that makes quick work of apples for cooking or simple enjoyment of eating but it also works for other fruit.

Ease of Use/Performance: 23/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 24/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 93/100

Kuhn Rikon Apple Knife Colori

The Kuhn Rikon Apple Knife Colori is a kitchen gadget that makes quick work of fruit like apples and pears to core and slice with the circular corer and folding knife blade. The Apple Knife Colori is a stainless steel corer with an apple shaped handle that conceals an inch and a half long straight nonstick knife blade.

The knife blade has a straight cutting edge while the back of the blade is curve which makes sense in design for slicing and cutting apples or pears. The corer works well for fruit like apples and pears but you may need to use the corer or knife to get all the core of larger fruit.

The corer is 3/4 of an inch across and can core an average sized fruit easily but you will probably have to do a little more coring when you cut the apples in half. The corer gets a good portion of the seeds and center of apples but you will have to use the corer to get what it did not clear out when the fruit was whole.

Kuhn Rikon Apple Knife Colori

If you use a larger corer you will wind up taking more good fruit so this 3/4 inch size makes a good compromise between getting most of the center and getting too much. You can easily cut the smaller section of core out that the corer misses on the first attempt using either the corer or the knife blade.

The knife makes a great way to slice your fruit after you have taken most of the core out so you can get the rest as well as cut the fruit into bite sized pieces or for cooking. I used the Kuhn Rikon Apple Knife Colori on a number of apples for baking a pie was easy and a handy way to prepare enough fruit for a recipe.

I used the knife on a good amount of fruit including the apples and pears my family purchased from a yearly sale a youth group conducts that we are part of. The 4-H group we belong to sells boxes of fruit and we bought a mixed box and a box of pears so we have used the Apple Knife Colori on a multitude of apples and pears.

Coring & Slicing Apples

The handle in the shape of an apple makes the corer easy to hold and handle even when it gets wet and slippery from fruit juice while coring a lot of fruit at once. The knife blade and molded slot also helps make the handle not perfectly smooth so you can hold the corer well and control it easily.

The folding blade also means safety so you don’t cut yourself from the blade being exposed while using the corer but it also makes a great way to use the knife away from the kitchen. The folding blade makes the knife a safe way to take the apple corer with you when camping, on picnics or for sack meals at work or play.

The stainless steel and plastic material means no rusting and corrosion on the corer or the handle but I am not sure what material the blade itself is made of. The knife blade has a nonstick coating over most of the blade except the edge which is razor sharp when you purchase it.

Coring Pears

You can sharpen the blade easily but a regular kitchen sharpener may not work as easily due to the larger size of the apple shaped handle. I have used a kitchen sharpening steel on the blade and it does work well but a countertop electric knife sharpener may not work because of the larger sized handle.

The Apple Knife Colori is a great apple corer and slicer with the combined knife blade in the handle of the corer so you have two tools in one. This makes an easy way to process fruit for recipes and cooking as well as a quick gadget to grab when wanting to cut just one fruit.

The Kuhn Rikon Apple Knife Colori makes a fantastic apple corer and slicer in one tool so you don’t have to dirty two tools for a single job in the kitchen. The Apple Knife Colori is available from Amazon, Kuhn Rikon and other internet sites for about $16.

I highly recommend the Kuhn Rikon Apple Knife Colori for a fantastic kitchen gadget as an easy to use and well-designed fruit corer and knife in one.

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