T-fal Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron

T-fal Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron

T-fal Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron

The T-fal Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron features a ceramic coated soleplate, vertical steaming and a cord system that keeps it out of the way while ironing.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

T-fal FV4478 Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron

The T-fal Ultraglide Easycord steam iron uses a 1700 watt heating system while the steam feature allows a variety of ironing and steaming uses. The vertical steam feature allows you to steam while clothes or fabrics are hanging and even steams curtains or drapes without taking them down.

I received the FV4478 model which comes in blue while it seems the other model numbers close to this are simply different colors. The T-fal Ultraglide Easycord has some models only sold at specific stores and costs about $40 which is a great price.

The controls are easy to understand and get to while the spring loaded water tank cover allows for quick filling. The water tank has a rubber seal on the opening that also has the anti-calc valve which is for cleaning and water flow.

T-fal Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron

The antiā€”calc valve is used in conjunction with the self-cleaning feature to keep calcium and other minerals from building up inside the iron. The valve can be removed and cleaned and the iron can run through a self-cleaning mode to get rid of buildup.

The iron has the usual low to high settings with types of clothes like linin to silk marked on the heating dial. The mister and steam buttons are easy to use with your thumb while ironing.

In front of the steam and mist buttons is a dial for more or less steam which is also easy to adjust with your thumb while holding the iron with the same hand. The base of the steam iron has an indicator light to show it is on and the Ultraglide Easycord has an auto off with blinking warning light.

Ceramic Soleplate

The cord has a swivel connection so it stays out of the way when ironing and flips up toward the handle when you set the iron down on the base. The nine foot cord allows you enough cord length to not have to use an extension for most situations.

A big feature of the T-fal Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron is the ceramic coating on the face of the iron to make ironing easy and keep the iron clean. The smooth surface is just like a nonstick coating on pans but has the slick feel that goes well with ironing.

There are plenty of holes for steam and you can easily use the steamer function to steam clothes while hung up. I steamed some curtains without taking them down and the iron with its push button steam features works well for steaming as well as ironing.

T-fal Ultraglide Easycord Controls

I do have one complaint about the T-fal Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron with how much water does drip out of the steam holes when moving the iron around or vertically steaming. The iron does drip some but not too much and it certainly is not something that would cause me concern.

This only happens when the steam feature is non and does not leak at all when not using steam so it is not that biig a deal. It does drip some but the Ultraglide Easycord does have enough great features to warrant more than a look.

I highly recommend the T-fal Ultraglide Easycord model 4478 as a great easy to use steam iron that is excellent for steaming and ironing.

Steam & Misting Controls

Ultraglide Easycord @ T-fal

T-fal Ultraglide Easycord @ Target


Fast heating
Large tank
Vertical steaming
Nonstick face
Easy To Use


Drips a bit

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