Sunbeam Heritage Stand Mixer

Sunbeam Heritage Stand Mixer

Sunbeam Heritage Stand Mixer

The new Heritage Series stand mixer from Sunbeam is a great stand mixer for cooking that uses a 350 watt motor powerful enough for most kitchen recipes and home cooking.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 4.5/5

Sunbeam Heritage Stand Mixer

The Heritage series of stand mixers from Sunbeam is the newest line of stand mixers that use a 350 watt motor to run the traditional beater and bread dough hooks. The Sunbeam stand mixer I received is model number FPSBSM210B that is blue with red, pink, white and black colors also available that costs about $130.

The Sunbeam Heritage stand mixer comes with the stand mixer, a 4.6 quart stainless steel bowl, chrome steel dough hooks and chrome beaters with a small owner’s manual. The Heritage Series mixer has the push button tilt that allows you easy access to changing the blades with two sets of blades that are color coded to each connection.

The Heritage stand mixer has a 350 watt motor with a 12 variable speed control, a die cast body and tilt head with the steel beater that turns the bowl. The twelve variable speeds ensure you have the correct speed for any recipe and the steel beater with plastic tip rotates the bowl on a plastic turntable.

Whats in the Box Sunbeam Heritage

The Heritage stand mixers have the 4.6 quart bowl standard but a 2.2 quart bowl is also available and the turn table the bowls turn on adjusts for bowl size with a lever on the base of the mixer. The Sunbeam stand mixers have a push button for tilting the head while the beaters eject from the mixer using another push button with each beater connection color coded.

The beater blades and the dough hooks are proprietary to this model mixer while the non locking stainless steel bowl is interchangeable between previous models of mixers. You can also order a replacement turn table but I could not find other accessories for the Heritage series stand mixer other than the parts already mentioned.

The Heritage stand mixer does have a 350 watt motor for enough power for most recipes while the bowl turns when beating using the pressure of the plastic tipped beater. The dough hooks will also turn the bowl some due to the dough hooks shape and turning the dough inside the bowl while kneading the dough.

Whipping Cream

The stainless steel bowl has a wide top for easily adding  ingredients while the bottom of the steel bowls have a plastic base screwed onto the steel bowl that matches the groove on the turn table. The turn table base is made of plastic while most of the other mixer parts are metal but I am not sure what the all-important gears internally are made of.

You can buy a 2.2 quart stainless steel bowl for the mixer as well as replacement beater blades or dough hooks but I could not find any other accessories for the mixer. The mixer works well for most recipes with the soft start feature that slowly turns the beaters or hooks when you turn on the mixer due to the variable control.

While using the mixer I have had to scrape the sides more than I would like but in this price range the Sunbeam stand mixer works well. I have made a lot of recipes like simple whipped cream to the most complex like bread as well as cakes and cookies with no problems.

Heritage Mixer Making Bread Dough

The mixer does feature the soft start that slowly gets up to speed which is a little different when you are used to other stand mixers. Having to scrape the bowl more often than other mixers can be a downside to the Sunbeam Heritage stand mixer but cost does make a difference as well.

The Sunbeam stand mixer worked well for all the recipes I tried and was only slightly slower at comparison mixing for whipped cream when testing side by side with a Kitchenaid mixer. The Kitchenaid mixer I used for comparison which costs about $240 did whip cream faster but the Sunbeam mixer also had no problems whipping cream up to a stiff peak stage quickly enough.

The bread dough hooks work well to work bread dough while the beaters work for all kinds of other recipes and ingredients but I do wish they had a whisk for whipping. A whisk works well to quickly aerate and whip that will decrease the time for whipping but currently a wire whisk is not available for the Heritage series.

Cooking with Heritage Mixer

The Kitchenaid does have more attachments and beater types while the Sunbeam Heritage series is more the economic stand mixer that costs about $100 less. The Sunbeam Heritage series stand mixer may not mix or knead as well as my more expensive Kitchenaid mixer but it does cost less.

If you’re looking for a stand mixer that can handle bread dough and tough cookie dough and other everyday baking like cakes or those great whipped toppings the Heritage series stand mixer by Sunbeam is well worth a look. I highly recommend the Sunbeam Heritage series stand mixer that works well in the $130 price range with enough accessories to complement the quality mixer.

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