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Jeffs Reviews is a product review site that has reviews for computer hardware and software, movies and games, consumer electronics and much more. Jeff receives products directly from major manufacturers like Adobe, Razer, 20th Century Fox, Dremel, Logitech and many more to review the products for an honest recommendation or not. Jeff only asks for products he is interested in and provides an in depth look at the product and availability.

Jeffs Reviews Product Review Site

My name is Jeff Gedgaud and I am a freelance writer publishing on Yahoo! Voices, Jeffs Reviews and

I started writing back in 2005 by reviewing video games for a video game website called Game Chronicles and soon after started reviewing products for Associated Content. I started out reviewing products I bought but eventually gained enough of a portfolio of reviews that I attracted the attention of computer hardware and software companies enough to start receiving products from them.

Associated Content was bought out by Yahoo! and continues to be a good publishing spot for my work along with my own website I created in 2008 where I can also publish updates to my reviews. I started publishing at as a gadgets Examiner of the Fargo/Moorhead area in 2012 for additional coverage of my reviews. I currently am writing separate articles for each site so that I optimize the chances my reviews are well ranked in search engines such as Google and Bing. I also update articles when appropriate with new information such as problems with a product I have over time or if a product continues to do well.

I currently receive products from Adobe, Razer, Genius, 20th Century Fox, NBC Universal, Dremel and many other companies. I have over 4 million page views for over 1600 articles I have written on Yahoo! Voices.

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