Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Video Game Capture Device

Roxio Game Capture ProHD Video

Roxio Game Capture ProHD Video of Air Assualt on the PS3

The Roxio Game Capture HD Pro allows gamers to capture their console game play on their Windows PC for video proof of your gaming prowess with editing software to put those finishing touches to video or capture and stream live on the internet.

Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Video Game Capture Device

The Roxio Game Capture ProHD does a great job of capturing and working with video from both console systems and from regular computers with the additional feature of being able to record directly form HDMI. The system allows you to record video of any type of video including directly from a DVD or Blu-ray player which ups the features a bit when you consider the options for recording live no matter the source.

Additional features include a good video editing suite that is easy and works well but is not exactly the best video editing software that could have been included but it does work well. The software does allow you to add voice commentary toy our video which really makes this an all in one solution for performing video reviews of gameplay no matter the console system as long as you have component or HDMI video output.

You can stream your gameplay live to TwitchTV along with a few other easy to use options for uploading means no messing with video for easy and simple ways to share your final products after editing. The main feature of recording gameplay footage works well and is easy to use but the other features like no power adapter required and ease of setup really makes the Roxio Game Capture ProHD a great purchase for recording gameplay of video games.

Game Capture HD Pro at Roxio


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