RAVPower WiFi Disk

RAVPower WiFi Disk Review

RAVPower WiFi Disk Review

The RAVPower WiFi Disk or Wireless Filehub Media Drive is a device that does several things for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones including transfers of files and charging.

Ease of Use, Performance:  4/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  5/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

RAVPower WiFi Disk

The RAVPower WiFi Disk is a handy little device no larger than a 2.5 inch hard drive that powers smartphones or tablets as well as transfers data wirelessly. You can not only transfer files between devices and computers but also use the WiFi Disk as a hotspot and a network file server.

The RAVPower WiFi Disk charges mobile devices with its internal 3000 mAh battery and allows you to save or copy files from an SD or Mini SD Card in the SC Card slot. The RAVPower WiFi Disk has a power button and reset button along with indicators and a USB connection to connect a hard drive to it.

Indicators & SD Card Slot

The WiFi Disk comes with a USB to micro USB cable and an instruction book that will come in handy for connecting and setting up your network and WiFi connection. You charge devices just by plugging them into the USB connection while you can charge the WiFi Disk using the micro USB connection.

Using the device as a hotspot for other devices like a phone or tablet to connect to the internet is easy and does not take long to set up. You can use the WiFi Disk easily to transfer data to and from an SD card or from a connected hard drive that plugs into the USB connection.

RAVPower Power Connection & Button

The WiFi Disk is compatible with both android and iOS devices so you can use it to easily transfer from a MAC PC or Apple tablets and Windows or Android devices. To use an Android or Apple device like smartphones you need to use an app which is available from iTunes or Google Play.

The AirStor app I have been using with my Nexus 7 works very well and I have had no problems moving files and images from my tablets and smartphone to my computers. I can easily use an SD card and takes pictures with my DSLR camera and then right on the spot upload them to my tablet using the WiFi Disk.

AirStor App

Other uses like streaming videos works most of the time but for longer videos you may not want to go wireless as there is just too much data in large video files. I tried watching a full length movie and a few times during playback it would skip but for shorter videos it works just fine.

Transferring files and streaming as well as using the disk for a hotspot to connect multiple devices all worked just fine and I had no problems with the WiFi Disk other than what to try next. To connect the WiFi Disk to an internet network you simply pair your device whether it’s a smartphone or tablet to it and use the app to connect the WiFi disk to the network.

WiFi Disk from PC

You then have free reign to connect the tablet or smartphone to the internet or use the WiFi Disk as a storage or transfer device between your devices. Being able to connect a hard drive to the WiFi Disk while also charging it makes a great time saver as I could easily see working on files and wanting to keep the disk topped off.

I had no problems using the WiFi Disk and can easily recommend it as a way to connect devices wirelessly and transfer files as well as charge them. I highly recommend the RAVPower WiFi Disk as a great portable charger and network adapter to transfer files and connect to the internet.

WiFi Disk @ RAVPower

WiFi Disk @ Amazon

Coonects up to five devices
Charges using 300 mAh battery
Wireless mobile storage
WiFi WLAN Hotspot
NAS File Server

Needs Apps to transfer files

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