RAVPower Luster

RAVPower Luster External Battery Pack

RAVPower Luster External Battery Pack

The RAVPower Luster External Battery Pack is a 6000 mAh smartphone and device charger that connects using USB that includes a handy coiled USB cable and a carry pouch.

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RAVPower Luster External Battery Pack

The RAVPower Luster External Battery Pack is a 6000 mAh USB charger with 2.1 amps of power that includes the handy coiled USB cable and a carry pouch. The RAVPower Luster has enough power to charge a smartphone or other mobile device several times with enough amperage to charge higher draw devices like the iPad.

The RAVPower Luster is about 3.67 by 1.61 by .85 inches and has the power button on one side while the connections are on the end. The micro USB connection is for charging your devices while the male USB connection is for charging the external battery pack.

The RAVPower Luster also has an LED light on the end for help in finding your way in the dark that turns on and off using the power button. To charge your devices you simply connect them to the male USB connection and press the power button but you do have to remember to press the power button.

Whats in the Box

You do need to power the pack on in order to charge your devices and you can use the four blue LED lights under the silver band to tell how much power the pack has. The four blue led lights are not very bright and in full sunlight may be a bit difficult to see but it works well enough for an indicator.

The LED lights do give you some idea of the charge of the external battery pack and the 6000 mAh charge can last for a really long time. According to RAVPower the 6000 mAh Luster will run your iPhone for 15 hours plus 40 hours of extra talk time and an additional 150 hours of music play.

The Luster External Battery Pack also has short circuit, overload and over current protection for a safer device as well as a handy one. I have had the RAVPower Luster for a month and had no problems charging my numerous mobile devices including a Samsung smartphone, Nexus 7 tablet and my BlackBerry Playbook.

Luster Connections

The only thing I had any concern with was remembering to press the power button to start charging my device which is common on some of the external battery packs. The RAVPower External Battery Pack is a great pack that has plenty of power to charge your mobile devices several times and is handy in a compact size.

The RAVPower Luster comes in four colors, costs about $30 and is available from Amazon, Newegg and other websites as well as RAVPower. I highly recommend the RAVPower Luster 6000 mAh as a powerful external battery pack that works well and is a very handy size for pocket or briefcase.

RAVPower Luster Website

RAVPower Luster @ Amazon

Power to charge iPad and other high draw devices
Convenient size
Easy to use

You have to press power button to begin charging

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