Raidmax Cobra PSU

Raidmax Cobra Power 500 Watt PSU Review

Raidmax Cobra Power 500 Watt PSU Review

The Raidmax Cobra RX-500AF-B 500 Watt power supply is a decent enough power supply for computer builders and does have a bronze 80 plus certification.

Ease of Use, Performance:  4/5
Look & Feel:  3/5
Features:  3/5
How much I enjoy:  3/5

Recommendation:  3/5

Raidmax Cobra PSU

Raidmax has been known for years as an affordable computer case company but has not garnered a great reputation for their power supplies. While the power supply industry has its share of good, bad and average they fall somewhere toward the bottom end according to some reviews.

I have also seen reviews that are more positive and if not outright glowing of the affordable power supplies from Raidmax that are manufactured by the Taiwan based Andyson International. Andyson has been known for subpar power supplies but things have been looking up for the past few years with better reviews both professional and by customers.

I received the 500 watt Raidmax Cobra RX-500AF-B power supply which I feel is a good choice as a basic power supply for a medium gaming system or a home computer. The Raidmax Cobra 500 watt PSU has enough wattage to run a good medium gaming computer or a home computer for entertainment and general computing.

whats in the box

After a few snapshots and peaking inside the Raidmax Cobra 500 PSU I installed it in my gaming system to check out the power supply in a decent rig. My gaming system has an Asus Sabertooth 990fx motherboard, an AMD Athlon II X3 440 processor that is overclocked to 3.25 GHz.

I am also running a Sapphire HD 7950 graphics card and a couple of optical drives along with a hard drive and the systems solid state drive. This system requires about 400 watts of power according to a power supply calculator and I have had no problems running this system.

I have been doing some regular computing and web surfing using this system as well as my gaming which does tax my system a bit because it is both overclocked a little and has a decent graphics card. When calculating power supplies I like to keep a little overhead and only use a power supply that has at least 50 watts extra.

Cobra PSU Power Cables

The Raidmax Cobra PSU has a typical frame with a green colored fan and green logos for an stylish looking power supply when installing. The connectors have heat shrink for protection but the Molex connectors do not have those squeeze tabs to aid in removing them.

There is the 24 pin power cable and CPU power cable as well as two PCI-E power cables and three combined Molex/SATA cables with on having a floppy connector. One of the cables has two Molex connectors, a floppy drive connector and a single SATA connector while the other two have one Molex and two SATA connectors.

There are enough connectors to make a decent system and the two PCIe connectors allow you to install two graphics cards as long as they are not top of the line ones. The 500 watt power supply can run two graphics cards in SLI or Crossfire but this depends on your system.

Inside the Cobra PSU

Looking inside the Raidmax PSU there is a decent sized capacitor for input filter and protection circuits including Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Power and short circuit protection. The PSU has decent enough heat sinks but larger ones would be better and the solder on all of the board both back and front looks well done.

Overall the build quality looks to be good but not great as you would expect for a power supply that costs $60 which is an affordable price. I really would not consider buying any power supply at any lower price as a lower price would mean skimping on something in quality or protection.

The Raidmax Cobra 500 watt power supply may not be a top of the line power supply but would be fine for a general home computer or for a mid-range gaming system. While Raidmax power supplies may not be highly recommended for high end systems they are affordable.

Raidmax PSU Installed

If you’re looking for an affordable power supply the Raidmax Cobra Power line works well and I highly recommend the RX-500AF-B for mid-range computers.

Cobra RX-500AF-B @ Raidmax

Cobra RX-500AF-B @ Newegg

Affordable Power Supply
Quiet Fan

Standard Quality
Lacks higher end protection

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