Quick Belt System Tool Belt

Quick Belt System Tool Belt

Quick Belt System Tool Belt

The Quick Belt System is a unique modular tool belt that uses buckles to snap on and off different pouches and accessories quickly and easily as well as a convenient way to store pouches.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5

How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 5/5

Quick Belt System with a lttle wear

The Quick Belt System is a modular tool belt that has a variety of pouches and accessories that use a quick snap buckle on a sleeve to attach them to the belt. The heart of the system is a single or double buckle sleeve that each pouch or accessory snaps onto which you can put on any 2 or 3 inch tool belt.

Quick Belt sells a great Velcro and buckle closure padded belt but I have mixed and matched the system on another belt just to see how well it would work. I received four pouches with a general tool pouch in the 8 Pocket Builder pouch and two square pouches along with the Universal Drill Holster.

Quick Belt Pouches

The tool belt system is unique with a quick and easy way to switch pouches and accessories that make work much easier going from one type of job to another. You can buy various pouches for different jobs and have all the necessary tools and items easily available quickly on the job.

The double buckle sleeve is about 6.5 inches wide and has the two buckles to attach your pouch on one side secured to the sleeve with stitching and a rivet. You can wear the sleeves on the outside or to keep the pouches snug against your body with the buckles on the inside of the belt.

Pouches on Quick Belt

The buckles for the tool belt system are a common sized buckle and you can buy sleeves, handles and even individual buckles attached to short straps to use on other pouches and accessories. The system makes each pouch and accessory not only belt compatible but useful without the belt using the buckle system for carrying or hanging pouches.

You can buy the buckles and hang them on pegboard or a garage wall or use the storage rack to hang pouches on and keep them more organized than simply setting them on a bench or in a bin. The Quick Belt System is really handy on a belt but the company has thought of just about every conceivable way to use the system when not wearing them. Using the various straps, buckles and sleeves they have you covered for any situation you come up with at work or home.

8 Pocket Builders Pouch

The system even has a bucket belt available to hang pouches from a 5 gallon bucket for convenient use of pouches at a work site or anywhere else you could use the strap. You can use the strap to hang the pouches on a wall or other item and a bucket using the buckles on each end of the strap.

They also have straps that have Velcro for creating a loop for use on a belt, ladder step or just about anywhere else you need to hang a pouch or accessory. You can also buy one inch buckles and make your own straps or attachment points but the company does sell some nice buckles on short webbing to use anywhere you want.

Universal Drill Holster

Photographers, nature enthusiasts and even hikers can use parts of the system both for carrying and storing your gear at home, in the garage or at the work site. From water bottles and snacks to drills, hammers and screws the Quick Belt System works so well I could not give a better recommendation for a tool belt or accessory carrying system.

Quick Belt System Website


Versatile system for belts and storage
Buckles are common 1 inch size

Stitching is well done for tough tool storage
System can be used for tools, garden tools, equipment, camping gear etc.



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