Primula Flavor It Pitcher

Primula Flavor It Pitcher 3-in-1 Beverage System

Primula Flavor It Pitcher 3-in-1 Beverage System

The Primula Flavor It Pitcher is a unique 3 in 1 pitcher system that can brew hot or cold beverages as well as infuse fruit into a beverage and chill beverages using the three different parts to the system.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
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Total: 4/5

Primula Flavor It Pitcher 3in1 Brewing System

The Primula Flavor It Pitcher is a unique beverage system that includes three different inserts to make an all-around pitcher for making beverages whether your entertaining or simply relaxing. The Primula Flavor It Pitcher 3-in-1 Beverage System has the pitcher with a top that includes the handle and a screw on cover along with the three inserts that each perform a different function.

The Flavor It Pitcher is 2.9 quarts so even if you take up the space of the Flavor Infuser or the Chill Core you have the standard 2 quart size pitcher for most drink mixes. The Flavor It Pitcher allows you to brew, chill and enhance your favorite drinks right in the same pitcher without the hassle of using different devices.

Three inserts include a fine mesh tea infuser, a flavor infuser basket and a freezable chill core for a good all-around assortment that works great. The Flavor It Pitcher is a dishwasher safe pitcher that has the handle as part of the screw on top of the pitcher that the cover also screws into.

Primula Pitcher Tea Infuser and Chill Core

The three inserts click into place with a quarter turn under the cover so the cover fits onto the pitcher with any of the inserts installed. The cover screws down and has a rubber seal to not allow liquid to spill out of the pitcher if you tip it without opening the cover using the indicators on the top.

The pitcher is made from BPA-free Tritan which is a tough scratch and shatter resistant polymer material that is also heat resistant. You can pour hot liquid like water almost at boiling and the pitcher will not warp, melt or disfigure due to the heat of almost boiling water.

The Flavor It Pitcher works well to make teas but coffee was not that great, I prefer to brew my coffee using a regular coffee maker. The teas I made were great using regular bags of teas in single serve and pitcher sizes and loose tea which comes in a wide variety.

The tea infuser has plastic and metal parts but the metal is all stainless steel to prevent rusting while the basket part has a plastic mesh for the water to go through to your tea leaves. The basket is a good size for larger pitcher brewing and those tea bags designed for pitcher brewing fits perfectly with room to spare.

The Primula 3-in-1 pitcher does a great job of making tea but that is not where it ends, you can quickly go from tea to table by using the frozen Chill Core. The Chill Core insert is a plastic nontoxic gel filled insert that can be frozen and used to cool down or keep your drinks cool once you have cooled it in the fridge.

The Chill Core does have two parts but you never need to take these apart unless you need to clean between them, the one piece has the parts for locking the core into the pitcher. You can take the Chill Core apart for washing but both pieces can easily go into the freezer or into hot liquid without worries and the gel is fully sealed into the core.

I had no problems dunking the Chill Core into the pitcher of hot tea and quickly cooling down the pitcher without the chill core completely thawing. The chill core when used in already cool or cold liquids will of course last much longer but it did pretty well when used in hot tea.

Primula Pitcher w Flavor Infuser

Another great way to cool down the hot tea you just made for immediate consumption is to use the Flavor Infuser insert and frozen fruit. The Flavor Infuser allows you to add fresh or frozen ingredients such as fruits, herbs and spices to your favorite drinks as long as they are not too small.


The Flavor Infuser is a simple plastic basket with slots all up and down the sides so that fruit and other ingredients will easily infuse your drinks. The basket makes it easy to use whole lemons, strawberries or mint leaves in your drink without getting larger pieces into your drink.

Adding frozen strawberries and cranberries to a green tea makes a great refreshing drink for parties or just relaxing after work. The infuser works great for things like spices and herbs such as fresh mint leaves or pieces of ginger but you can use dried herbs or spices as well.

The slots on the infuser are an eighth of an inch tall and an inch wide so bits of fruit or spices may get into your drink when pouring. As long as you don’t use things like mulling spices in the Flavor Infuser guests should not have a problem with chunks of fruit or pieces of inedible herbs or spices in their drinks.

A good idea that I will try this fall is mulling spices in the tea infuser until the apple cider has reached the appropriate level of spiciness and then using apples in the Flavor Infuser. The possibilities are nearly endless when you want to combine the tea basket and flavor infuser for a variety of choices from teas and fruits to herbs and spices that can add flavor and spice up your drinks.

Loading the Flavor Infuser

The Flavor Infuser is a great part of the beverage system and really adds a lot of potential to your dining or parties as well as those simple treats for you and your family. I have only begun to use the Primula Flavor It Pitcher and still have the holidays coming up this winter to look forward to with entertaining.

I have seen various pitchers like this one at Sam’s Club and Bed Bath & Beyond but the others always have just one part of the system like the Flavor Infuser. The Primula 3-in-1 System includes all three so you don’t have to buy separate pitchers or tea pots to make your beverages and add flavor like fresh fruit.

Cleanup is easy and the plastics used do not stain so coffee and tea does not discolor the pitcher or parts at all thanks to the polymer material. All the parts are dishwasher safe or you can use hot soapy water in the sink to clean off your Primula pitcher.

The Flavor It Pitcher is available on line and at many stores like Bed Bath & Beyond for about $35 which is a great price for the tough pitcher with so many features. I highly recommend the Primula Flavor It Pitcher for a great pitcher that can brew tea as well as serve and cool a wide variety of beverages.

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