Coffee Tea Buddy

Primula Coffee Brew Buddy & Tea Bag Buddy

Primula Coffee Brew Buddy & Tea Bag Buddy

The Primula Coffee Brew Buddy and Tea Bag Buddy are handy single serve devices to make brewing coffee and tea easy and neat with a low price tag as well.

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Recommendation: 5/5

Coffee Tea Primula Coffee Brew Buddy & Tea Bag Buddy

Primula sells coffee presses, tea sets, tea pots and a variety of flowering teas and continues to come up with new products in the tea and coffee ware area. A couple new items from Primula include the Coffee Brew Buddy and Tea Bag Buddy for a simple way to brew a single cup of coffee or tea and handle tea bags.

The Coffee Brew Buddy is a fine mesh filter with a plastic heat resistant funnel shaped rim for brewing coffee that also works for loose leaf tea. The Coffee Brew Buddy has a large plastic rim that is funnel shaped to allow easy pouring of hot liquids into any cup or mug and the fine mesh filter holds your coffee grounds and tea.

The Brew Buddy folds mostly flat and a simple plastic storage bag will hold the brew buddy conveniently in a purse, briefcase or pocket of a suitcase for convenient storage and use at work, school or home. The Coffee Brew Buddy is portable and convenient with its fold flat shape so using it at the office or on the road away from home and the convenience of a kitchen.

Primula Coffee Brew Buddy

The Brew Buddy works as a simple filter and you can use the it for both coffee and tea as the mesh bag hangs about two and a half inches from the rim into a cup or mug. The mesh filter is held securely in the rim of the Brew Buddy and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup but simply rinsing well works just as easily.


I have made coffee and tea with the Coffee Brew Buddy and found it handy for use as a tea brewer for loose leaf teas and especially those finer ones like real chamomile. The fine parts of chamomile buds do not go through the fine mesh bag of the Coffee Brew Buddy and this makes it great as a tea brewer.

The Coffee Brew Buddy does an excellent job as a single serve coffee brewer and would work really well outdoors or at a hotel when you want your own coffee instead of that hotel brewed stuff. A simple trick would be to grind or take along your favorite coffee in one plastic bag and the Coffee Brew Buddy in another for quick use and easy storage.

Primula Tea Bag Buddy

The Tea Bag Buddy can also be used when making tea to keep your counter or work area clean and as a cover for your cup while brewing. The Tea Bag Buddy is a silicone holder that has a finger indent for grabbing the string of tea bags and a slot for the string so that the silicone Tea Bag Buddy holds your tea bag while it sits on your cup.


When the tea is ready you simply pick up the Tea Bag Buddy and put the bag in the indent on the underside and set it on the counter or toss the bag in the garbage. You can handle hot tea bags without fear of scorched fingers and without the mess for quick and easy handling of tea bags.

Brewing with Tea Bag Buddy

The silicone keeps your fingers from getting scorched or burned and also makes for a clean counter when preparing your tea. You can also use the Tea Bag Buddy to hold you Coffee Brew Buddy when making coffee to keep your counter clean as the indent does have enough room for drips even from the coffee grounds used for a regular cup of coffee.

Tea Bag Buddy for Pitcher

You can also use the Tea Bag Buddy to make pitchers of tea using larger pitcher sized tea bags or numerous regular sized ones to hold the tea bags while they are steeping. I have even used the Tea Bag Buddy to grab string less tea bags that are floating in my tea after brewing as the cupped end does make it easy to grab with.

The Coffee Brew Buddy and the Tea Bag Buddy both cost about $6 and is available at Primula, Amazon and other sites as well as stores like Target in sets.


Coffee Brew Buddy

Tea Bag Buddy

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