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Good News, the development team at RIM for the PlayBook has added a never dim functionality, this is the same as the screen timeout according to the RIM Public Relations Manager, to a future update for the PlayBook so the tablet will not go to sleep after only five minutes. This was a major problem with the device but when it does get included in the software I willhave no problem recommending the PlayBook as an affordable tablet with great features and especially useful user gestures and app control.

I have also asked a reviewer who is using the current BlackBerry 10 OS if this update allows users to choose an unlimited timeout in the release that is currently out as I would very much like to know this. If anyone knows if BlackBerry 10 OS allows users to choose an unlimited timeout for the screen in the menu choice or elsewhere int he software please email me about it and I will add it to my review.

I have not heard anything recently but I am hoping that OS 10 is going to include the settings to allow users to set the screen timeout to what they want instead of limiting it to five minutes.

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