pizzacraft Glazed Pizza Stone

pizzacraft Square Glazed Pizza Stone

pizzacraft Square Glazed Pizza Stone

The pizzacraft Square Glazed Pizza Stone is an excellent pizza stone for baking pizzas and other baking like bread and cinnamon rolls.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4.5/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 4.5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 4.5/5

pizzacraft Glazed Pizza Stone

I wanted to check out a pizza stone but did not want to go with the trend of a common stone that has that rough surface. Those slabs that look like planters just do not make me all that eager to dig into a pizza so I checked around and found

Pizzacraft is an interesting company that sells on the Yahoo Store and is owned by a larger brand company called The Companion Group. Pizzacraft sells a wide variety of pizza stones, tools and accessories including a couple glazed pizza stones.

Everyone has heard of unglazed pizza stones that have the reputation of baking pizzas by pulling water away from the crust to brown the dough evenly. The glazed pizza stones still keep water from the dough by one of two methods as far as I can find on the internet.

Bottom of Glazed Pizza Stone

One type of stone popular that is made by Emile Henry has micro cracks on the glaze while the pizzacraft stone seems to have small pits. I am not sure if the pizzacraft stone also has micro cracks but you can see tiny pits on the glazed surface.

The stone looks just like other ones I have seen in stores but it has a glazing baked on it that has the slightly rough surface to start with so there are small pits. The surface is not smooth like some of my metal enameled cookware that I have tried out but has these very small pits that are glazed over.

The stone works just like an unglazed pizza stone with preheating for about ten minutes and then placing your food on the stone to cook as usual. Pizzas cook in about ten minutes or less while other breads cook in about the same time or maybe a bit quicker. The pizzacraft Glazed Pizza Stone comes in a round and square version with the square version being 14.5 inches wide with a handle on each side.

Take N Bake Pizza on the Glazed Pizza Stone

The handles stick out about an inch and a half and are raised from the bottom surface of the stone about a half inch for a grabbing surface. The handles are angled upward so you have a full 14.5 inches of surface to use for cooking and it easily fits a large pizza.

Of course sizes vary with pizza makers so you may find some pizzas that are a bit too large but the pizza stone is great for store bought, take and bake and even homemade pizzas. I have also tried a variety of recipes with regular fresh bread, premade breads and sweet breads like those caramel rolls.

You can get messy with foods like extra cheese and caramel rolls and not have to worry about cleanup as the glazed surface is easy to wash in the sink. I try very hard not to dunk the bottom as the pizza stone is only glazed on the top and sides.

Bread on the Pizza Stone

The bottom is raw stone that has been baked during the firing of the stone to glaze the top and sides but the sides and top as well as all the handles are glazed. The pizzacraft stone is not dishwasher safe as it would soak up too much water just like those regular unglazed stones.

I usually just wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth but a few times I have had to scrub it with a rag or a plastic scrubber to get baked on sugar or cheese off. The stone has remained clean and without any marks after baking several pizzas and a host of other breads and treats.

I have tried just about all the tubes of baking products like those Pillsbury biscuits, cinnamon rolls and crescents as well as frozen bread and sweet bread. I have also made homemade bread and dough from a bread maker to bake on the pizzacraft stone.

Caramel Rolls

You should use a pizza peel, those flat wooden paddles, to place and remove pizzas or a similar large tool that handles larger items. The pizzacraft stone can handle foods directly on its surface but you can also use parchment paper to prevent a mess and to help removing foods.

Everything I have made has been more than edible and pretty good with only a couple of recipes not being better than great. I have tried quite a bit and have been more than pleased with the results and am very excited to keep using the stone to cook a variety of foods including pizzas.

I have not had any problems with the pizzacraft stone and can highly recommend it for great crispy pizzas and wonderful tasty breads as well as other foods.

Homemade Pizza

Glazed Pizza Stone @ pizzacraft

Glazed Stone bakes evenly
Glazed surface is easy to clean
Handles make stone easy to move in and out of oven

Bottom of stone is unglazed and should not get wet

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