Pixar Short Film Collection 2

Pixar Short Films Collection 2 Blu-ray Review

Pixar Short Films Collection 2 Blu-ray Review

Pixar Animation Studios releases their second collection of short films from the imagination and talent behind the top animation films of the past 27 years.

Film making 4/5

Video 4/5

Audio 4/5

Bonus Features 3/5

Total 4/5 Stars

Pixar Short Films Collection 2 Blu-ray

Pixar is the animation studio offshoot of Disney created in 1979 as Graphics Group and later named Pixar Animation Studios in 1986. When you hear Pixar a few things come to mind like Toy Story and the lamp logo but short films also come to mind and now Pixar has its second collection for fans.

Pixar short films are created to showcase what the studio can do with animations which are released theatrically along with their feature films and for specific clients. Many of Pixar short films have been nominated with three Academy Awards for Best Animated Short Films for Tin ToyGeri’s Game andFor The Birds.

The second collection of Pixar shorts has 12 short films released from numerous animated films likeWall-EToy Story and Cars with characters from those films. Other shorts such as Partly CloudyLa Luna and Small Fry use new characters developed specifically for the short film but are just as good.

The short films vary in quality in video, audio and entertainment value but all are at least viewable more than once and most are definitely enjoyable. I found many that I had not seen on the animated films for various reasons to be great and well worth viewing numerous times.

The Blu-ray edition contains the Blu-ray disc with all twelve short films, bonus features along with a DVD disc with all twelve short films and a few of the bonus features. The bonus material is alright with commentaries and some looks at earlier short films by the various talents working on the major short films of this release.

The Pixar Short Films Collection 2 is well worth a purchase and in keeping with the first release of shorts a definite must have for animated film enthusiasts.

Pixar Short Films Collection 2 @ Disney

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