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Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe has brought the Photoshop experience to the handheld devices world with the Photoshop Touch app available for tablet and smartphones with android and Apple editions.

Ease of Use, Performance:  4/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features  5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

photoshop touch

Photoshop Touch is an image editing program for the android based tablets and phones as well as the Apple side of the same devices that is a handy trimmed down version of Photoshop but not by much. Photoshop Touch allows tablet and phone users to edit and perform several basic to advanced editing on images with a version for tablets and a less expensive one for smartphones.

image editing using handheld devices

Photoshop Touch for tablets cost $10 while the smartphone version costs $5 with an easy download from Google Play or the Apple iTunes store with differences in the apps from the smartphone to the tablet versions usually about the devices and not the features. A funny side note to the versions is I was able to install both the tablet and the smartphone versions on a Nexus 7 tablet to compare features and aside from orientation both versions are very similar with outstanding features.

The tutorials that come with the tablet version are not available in the phone version and a few other things are a bit different but you have to really search to find things much different between the versions. The main difference you may notice when picking up both and comparing side by side is the screen which is set for the phone version in portrait while the tablet can be either portrait or landscape.

Photoshop Touch includes layers, all the adjustments for images and a good set of special effects and filters that make the app much more than a simple program and certainly not a watered down version of Photoshop. Photoshop Touch allows you to not only adjust an image using tone, brightness, color and other adjustments with sliders but adding effects using filters for image wide changes to your work.

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The app also has full touch gestures and a few extras like scribble that allows you to edit and use tools with your finger more precisely but zooming will also be an important part of editing. Photoshop Touch works very well for both simple and advanced editing even on the smartphone which you would think was limiting due mainly to size but Adobe handled that well.

Menus and items you are working with will pop up and cover most but not all of your image while slider bars are semitransparent to allow a better view of the adjustment while it’s happening. The filters and adjustments selection pages will cover almost the entire image but you don’t need to see the image while selecting the brightness or tone selections but you have an almost unobstructed view of the image when actually adjusting the various effects.

The image editing software includes all the usual adjustments like crop, clone and layers but you also get full support for the better parts of Photoshop like clone, dodge and burn as well as the Magic Wand and other selection tools. There are four pages of filters with a total of 36 filters for things like glow, colorize and sketch to transform images instantly using a good assortment of the most used and common filters.


Photoshop Touch is pretty easy to use and includes some tutorials for the tablet version but help is also available on the phone version if you need it along with online cloud storage with 2 GB free when you buy the app. You can store more images online by paying for additional storage which is all part of the Adobe services you can buy from the company along with the apps themselves but the Cloud storage is purchased through an Adobe account.

Photoshop Touch is great and both versions work extremely well for image editing on the smaller screens of a tablet or phone and I can easily recommend these as the best and only image editing software for tablets and smartphones.


Easily the most fully featured app for image editing
Versions for tablets, android & iPhones
Tools and menus designed for smaller screen
Features include full use of gestures

Layers limited by size of image but well compromised

Photoshop Touch @ Adobe

Photoshop Touch for Tablets @ Google Play

Photoshop Touch for Phones @ Google Play

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