Photojojo Lens Set

Photojojo Lens Set

Photojojo Lens Set

The Photojojo Lens Set for android and iPhones works simply by adhering a small metal ring for each lens to mount on your smartphones rear camera for additional photography features.

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photojojo lens set
Photojojo Lens Set

My first digital camera was the Canon PowerShot A610 with a 5 megapixel sensor which was a powerhouse at the time I bought it in a compact camera. Today my Samsung Galaxy S4 has more than twice the megapixels in a size that surprises me every time I take apart the same model phone.

I work at a cell phone repair shop and see every day the tragedy that befalls phones as well as tablets and other devices but phones have really taken over in today’s technology. They do lack a few features of those standalone cameras with notable features like aperture and exposure settings but most notably lenses.

lens mount rings on s4
Lens Mount Ring on S4

Having the ability to add a lens to the camera would be great but the body of the Galaxy S4 and other similar smartphones does not make this easy. Enter the new market of the attachable lenses for smartphones with the Photojojo Phone Lenses being a really great choice.

Photojojo has a whole set of lenses that attach to your smartphone with a simple magnetic ring and metal adhesive backed ring that sticks to your camera. The metal ring with adhesive comes in two varieties with the iPhone variety having a small dent for the microphone that sits close by the camera lens.

super fisheye lens on galaxy s4
Super Fish Eye Lens on Galaxy S4

The other models of phones including my Samsung S4 can use the full metal ring that has adhesive to secure it to the phone right around the rear camera. Once you install the metal ring you’re ready to shoot simply by placing any of the five lenses right on the ring and taking your shots.

The five lenses make up a six lens series with the wide angle lens being able to split into a macro lens simply by unscrewing the wide angle section. The macro/wide angle lens is the start to a full range of photography add-ons for your smartphone with the two fisheye lenses, telephoto lens and the polarizer finishing up the set.

fisheye lens
Fish Eye Lens

The two fish eye lenses add the curved view with the super fisheye adding a larger amount of distortion to your view with a full 235 degrees. The classic fisheye lens has a 180 degree view while the telephoto lens is a 2X zoom to get you closer to your subject.

The polarizer adds glare reduction so you can take clearer and sharper pictures while the combined macro and wide angle lens adds both close up photography and a larger field of view. All the lenses are made of quality aluminum and high clarity glass that are higher quality.

super fisheye
Super Fish Eye Lens

I have seen cheap photography lenses, add on filters and other things made from plastic and cheap glass that you could see the defects in and the Photojojo lenses are clear and well made. The magnetic attachment is simply a ring magnet on the base of each lens that adheres to the metal ring you stick to your camera.

On my S4 the ring sits right on the rounded square cover over the rear camera and I have not had a problem on two Galaxy s4 phones using the lenses. The lens attaches well and is hard to knock off which was one concern of mine but the major one I had was ease of use while out taking photos.

without polarizer
Without Polarizer

If you purchase the full lens kit you also get a small woolen pouch that zippers shut while each lens in the kit has a plastic cover and a lanyard attached to a small metal disc to protect the lens base. Whether you buy the kit or lenses separately you get a cover for each side of the lens for protection and several of the adhesive backed rings.

I have checked iPhones and several other brands of phones and the metal rings will fit on most of the ones I have seen in the repair shop I work at. The lenses attach easily and have great clarity as well as doing exactly what you would expect which is enhance your photography ability.

with polarizer
With Photojojo Polarizer

I was first interested in the macro lens due to my work on smartphones and wanting to capture the occasional snapshot of detail on a device I’m working on. The macro lens works great and you can see with a comparison between the shots without the lens and with it that you can get much closer with it.

Due to a lack of manual focus the camera just cannot focus on what you want when you’re close so macro photography does not work well with a smartphone without some help. The macro lens adds the ability to get really close and get detail that you cannot otherwise get.

circuit board with macro lens
Circuit Board with Macro Lens

closest my s4 will get and still focus

Closest the S4 will get and still focus

1x zoom with close up lens

1X Zoom with Close Up Lens

4x zoom with closeup lens

4X Zoom with Close Up Lens

The polarizer works well to reduce glare and for more realistic color in photos both indoors and outside but I was surprised at this shot indoors of our foster dog Mysty and how well it turned out with the lens. The other lenses add a great variety to photography using you smartphone and I truly enjoyed checking out the variety of lenses available with the set from Photojojo.

Each lens costs about $20 and the kit of all five lenses comes in at about $100 but you can also order a couple of other kits with an additional lens or just 3 lenses. The Photojojo lenses are the best solution for adding features like macro, fisheye and polarizing without gimmicky apps or software solutions.

Photojojo Website
Photojojo @ Amazon

Easy to mount and use
Lens covers are easy to use as well
No gimmicky mounts
Can be used with a phone case


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