ParaNorman Blu-ray Review

ParaNorman Blu-ray Review

I see dead people, I know it’s quite a cliché for this animated motion picture but when the need arises for Norman to see and talk with dead people he suddenly becomes the center of attention instead of the kid people poke fun at in ParaNorman.

Film making 4.5/5

Video 5/5

Audio 5/5

Bonus Features 4/5

Total 4.5/5 Stars

Paranorman Blu-ray Review

ParaNorman stars Kodi Smit-McPhee as Norman Babcock, the “I see dead people” kid who is also more than a bit of a nerd but in the end he does figure out how to stop the witches curse. Tucker Albrizzi plays Normans new friend Neil who wants to be Normans friend even when Norman isn’t too thrilled at getting one.

Norman has an eccentric uncle who has been keeping the local witch at bay for years but now with his impending death he warns Norman it now falls to him to carry on with this duty. When Norman starts seeing something new with his undead sight he believes he really must put the curse of the witch to rest instead of just a yearly abatement.

Norman with an unlikely group of heroes must fight the witch and group of undead as they work to save the town but the curse is not as everyone believes. ParaNorman is a fun and highly creati

ve animated feature with more than a few twists to the plot that work out well for this funny and silly film.

The bullies become the whining scaredy cats and the geeks rule with calm and quick wits so the plot does have a lot to like even if you were not the kid picked on in school. ParaNorman has more than a few good actors that did an excellent job at the voice acting for a fun film that really does take a new stance on stereotyping many things.

ParaNorman is a great looking film and the Blu-ray release has excellent video and audio with great color and wonderful imagery including great lighting. The film does an excellent job all around with the animation and the audio is also very good with an excellent use of surround sound.

Audio has the clearly audible voice with some great music and good use of the sound field for a treat in the sound area that really adds to the films experience. ParaNorman is a great movie and all around with both audio and video they did a fantastic job on the Blu-ray release but bonus content just adds to your fun.

Bonus features include commentary from Chris Butler and Sam Fell, a forty minute making of feature and a set of preliminary animated sequences to browse through for some good extras but not quite enough to make a full five star rating. The extras are well worth a look for adults for a peek at how they make animated films and some of the decisions made to include or get rid of parts like those preliminary clips where some of the scenes turn out slightly different.

ParaNorman is one of those rare animated films that has enough for both adults and kids to enjoy with plenty of laughs for all as well as breaking many clichés. I highly recommend ParaNorman for a purchase to enjoy form time to time, especially those Halloween parties and sleepovers.

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