Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale Touch II

Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale Touch II 11 Pound

Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale Touch II 11 Pound

The Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale Touch II model can handle 11.2 pounds and uses two lithium batteries with models available in white and black that has a smooth tempered glass top.

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Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale Touch II

The Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale Touch II comes in black or white and can handle up to 11.2 pounds for weighing food in the kitchen. You can use a digital kitchen scale for cooking and weighing food for weight loss or for selling at farmers markets.

The Ozeri Touch II has two lithium cell batteries in a small battery compartment that does not have a screw securing it for easy opening. The Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale has a large 3/4 inch by 2 inch LED display that has the two touch button controls on either side.

The Ozeri Touch II can measure in grams, ounces, fluid ounces, milliliters and pounds with fluid ounces being only a continued measure of ounces without registering any pounds. The common measures of ounces, pounds and fluid ounces are a common way to measure food with each having a variety of uses for selling food as well as cooking.

Bottom of Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale

Often weight loss systems have weights for food when portioning out food by calorie count so a scale can be handy for dieting. The Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale can handle up to 11.2 pounds in any of the weight units with the tempered glass being strong enough to handle the use.

I have used the Ozeri scale for weighing items we are selling such as tea and spice mixes as well as cooking for weighing ingredients. The Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale works well and responds quickly to weight and does not require much time to settle down to a solid reading.

Weighing food in recipes means no variations in measurements for accurate cooking and baking which may sound odd but actually is important. A comparison of numerous people measuring out flour showed people would vary the amount of flour by as much as 2 ounce difference when using the same measuring cup.

weighing apples

This difference can be this much because people can tap and shake their cup or use a knife to flatten off their flour when measuring. Using weight to measure ingredients will mean you get the same amount of ingredients every time for a recipe.

The scale will detect if it is not on a stable footing and register unSt if the base is unstable on it four runner tipped feet. The Ozeri scale will automatically shut off if not used for a few minutes to save battery strength and does include a battery indicator when the batteries run low.

The Ozeri Touch II also includes the Microban antimicrobial protection that is infused during manufacture to help keep things safe and clean. The entire top surface is one piece of tempered glass so you can just wipe the top clean with a cloth.

Perfect Weight for Perfect Recipes

The Ozeri Touch II is 9 by 6 inches with a height of a half inch but you can use the full top of the scale for weighing items. The flat top has enough surface for mixing bowls and plates for weighing food while the shorter height means you can store the scale on its side easily.

I have been storing the scale next to my microwave along with a cutting board for quick and easy access as well as a handy way to store the scale. The Ozeri Touch II worked just fine for all my weighing needs and is a handy and accurate kitchen scale.

Whether you need a scale for weighing food for cooking or for following a weight loss plan the Ozeri Touch II is a great way to measure food. I highly recommend the Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale Touch II for weighing food for cooking and for portioning accurate weights.

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Quick and easy to use scale,
Easy to zero out with empty bowl for tare weighing

Long life lithium batteries
Microban protection



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