Oxo Good Grips Cookie Scoop

Oxo Good Grips Small, Medium & Large Cookie Scoops

Oxo Small Medium & Large Cookie Scoops

The OXO Small, Medium and Large Cookie Scoops are essential kitchen tools for baking cookies but is also a must for all kinds of recipes in cooking and baking such as meatballs and muffins.

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oxo good grips cookie scoops

OXO, pronounced Ox-Oh, is a consumer products manufacturer that really tries to help with daily tasks by making things easier for all kinds of things. As OXO puts it in their own words “OXO is dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier.”

The OXO Good Grips line are essential everyday products that have the usual rubber grips or even the general design to help you keep the tool or utensil in your hand while using. Good Grips line of products include not only kitchen utensils but garden, laundry, cleaning, storage and office products for a wide variety of affordable products.

OXO has a wide range of kitchen utensils so I get down to basics with one that comes in a variety f sizes and can be used for a lot of cooking and baking. The OXO cookie scoops come in three different sizes and are made from stainless steel with rubber grips and cost from $13 to $15.

The three different sizes are 60, 40 and 20 when measured in portions or the number of scoops that fill one quart while the measurements for those are 2 teaspoons, 1 1/2 tablespoons and 3 tablespoons. The scoops make great kitchen utensils but are alright for solid frozen ice cream or other frozen treats but these are much more than simple kitchen utensils.

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The OXO scoops are made from stainless steel which prevents rust and is dishwasher safe with a rubber coated squeeze handle. The rubber coated handles use two plastic posts that are melted on the inside of the handle to hold them to the steel handles.

The scoop works with a rounded scoop and a sweep inside it that is shaped to clear the scoop when you squeeze the handles using gears. One handle of the scoop goes all the way to the scoop head while the other handle is hinged at the neck of the utensil for sturdy use.

The scoop sweep works using a round gear and a rack gear that is attached to one handle to turn the round gear when the handle is squeezed which rotates the sweep. The sweep is very close to the scoop to prevent food from jamming up the sweep but when making cookies I did have scraps of dough that came out, mostly with the largest scoop.

The OXO cookie scoops are best used to portion food or recipe ingredients like when making cookies, meatballs and other foods that you want all the same size. I did try all three scoops for a wide variety of foods including watermelon and cantaloupe, meatballs, ice cream and several recipes of cookies.

Three Sizes of Cookies

The scoops work best with food that is semisoft but not too soft and again not too hard to scoop the food out like you want it. Scooping for portion control works great for things like cookies because you get each cookie on a sheet cooked to the same doneness.

You can use a cookie scoop for easily rounded cookies like Mexican Wedding Cookies as well as to portion the dough for the same amount per cookie. When each cookie has the same amount of dough even when flattened it will take about the same amount of time to cook them so all the cookie are done at the same time.

When making meatballs I had no problems getting a nice round scoop by simply digging into a bowl of prepared meat and wiping the scoop along the edge to ensure the same amount in each scoop. I would then release the meatball into my hand and round it out quickly before depositing it in a pan to start cooking by searing.

Some of the features that make the OXO scoops a great addition to any kitchen are the handles with their non-slip rubber and the general design. The OXO scoops are high quality materials and sturdy when using against solid ice cream but I have a flatter and one piece scoop that works better for digging into harder ice cream and other solid frozen treats.

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The one piece ice cream scoops that OXO sells would be better for everyday use on ice cream while the cookie scoops are definitely a cooking tool instead of for serving ice cream. You can use the cookie scoop to make almost perfect scoops of ice cream but it does take an extra effort to get those scoops if the ice cream is solid.

The scoop does not have a sharp edge so cutting through solidly frozen ice cream or harder fruit like cantaloupe will be more a matter of muscles than simple scooping. The OXO cookie scoops are not really made for use on ice cream though, it works best for scooping things like cookie dough, raw meats and even making cake pops.

I have used all three OXO cookie scoops thoroughly for things like cookies, cake pops, meatballs and the everyday use of scooping ice cream. I had problems from time to time scooping ice cream when it was frozen hard but other uses like cookies and meat balls really worked well.

Making cake pops also made for an easy way to scoop and roll dough but the cake balls were made with a baked cake and frosting mixed thoroughly so it was pretty soft like cookie batter. The cake balls all came out equally sized due to the portion control feature of the scoops and made for an easy way to make the cake pops.

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I really enjoyed working with the OXO cookie scoops and can easily recommend these as an affordable and high quality kitchen utensil that is a must for any household.

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