Outpresso Recycling Device

Outpresso Recycling Device

Outpresso Recycling Device

The Outpresso is a unique recycling device for the Nespresso capsules that are made from aluminum but can also be used for the newer Bialetti capsules.


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Nespresso has been a big hit with espresso drinkers and the system has a big following in the United States but in Europe it is a huge single serve espresso solution. Currently Europe has recycling centers for Nespresso capsules where you simply drop off your used capsules and they do all the dirty work of cutting them open and washing out the grounds.

Some stores like Sur La Table also offer recycling which is handy and they will even give you a free coffee for your trouble but what about those that don’t live near these types of stores. Whether you are trying to get a little cash back from your investment in fine espresso and coffee or just want to do the ecofriendly thing recycling your Nespresso capsules using the Outpresso can help.

Outpresso Recycling Device

The Outpresso works simply by placing a capsule in the groove of the bottom piece with the foil top of the capsule toward the opening in the bottom. Using your hand you push down hard onto the capsule with the dimpled top piece to push the grounds out of the capsule into the reservoir bottom.

Once the grounds are pushed out and the capsule has been flattened down some you remove the capsule and dump the grounds out into a container or garbage receptacle. The Nespresso capsules are pretty flat at this point but you can also flatten them down some more once they have been rinsed out.

You can also open up the Bialetti capsules that do not fit as neatly on the Outpresso but it does work well to remove the grounds and break open the capsule. The Bialetti capsules have a plastic or aluminum filter and a paper filter inside so you need to dig them out.

Rinsing out the grounds is pretty easy and once you have most of the grounds out you can take the capsules in for recycling at your nearest recycling or scrap metal center. Currently aluminum goes for about 60 cents per pound depending on where you are at so you can get a few dollars if you’re an avid coffee and or espresso drinker.

I have been using both the Nespresso and the Bialetti single serve espresso machines and while I like the Nespresso a bit better both are excellent machines. The capsules however can be a pain as they are almost pure aluminum once you get the coffee grounds out and recycling them may be a bit of a problem.

Recycling with Outpresso

Finding a place that would take them is the biggest choir as many aluminum recyclers only take cans because that is what most people recycle and they are easier to deal with. I recently made a quick trip to a local recycling center and the attendant told me he would not mind if a few got in with bags of aluminum cans but if someone came in with bags of the empty capsules he would turn them away.

Recycling centers that deal with aluminum cans, plastic bottles and other household materials may not be set up to recycle capsules form Nespresso machines but scrap metal centers may be. Scrap metal centers may be more open to recycling your empty capsules so finding one of them may be a better option but you should collect a few months’ worth so you have something worth taking in.

I had about 40 Bialetti and 70 Nespresso capsules and after punching out the grounds and pulling the small plastic and paper filters out of them I only had 6 ounces of aluminum. This is not really enough to take in and even with another months’ worth it would be pretty meager pickings for the money so recycling Nespresso capsules and Bialetti for that matter is not going to earn you a lot of money.

You can however do it for the environment and help keep wasteful garbage out of the landfill if that is more of a concern. Personally I will probably just collect them until I have enough to warrant a trip to the scrap metal center and turn them in all at once.

Recycling is a controversial topic and even if we take out any of the small cost we can get back it does make sense to recycle aluminum as it does take much less energy to process recycled aluminum. Aluminum is simply melted down to recycle it and the benefits of reusing aluminum is one of the materials for recycling that is not in doubt.

Outpresso w/ Bialetti Capsules

It does pay to recycle aluminum even if it does not pay the consumer who brings the aluminum in so recycling those Nespresso and even Bialetti capsules does make sense. The Outpresso makes it easy for individuals to recycle those capsules and it does not take much effort or time to recycle.

I cleaned out the hundred or so capsules in less than fifteen minutes even with rinsing them out and it only takes a side trip while you’re out to take them to a recycling or scrap metal center. The Outpresso works well and hopefully the company will make a model that works for the Bialetti capsules as well as they did show interest in this new capsule espresso machine.

I highly recommend the Outpresso to easily remove grounds from your Nespresso capsules for easy recycling whether you want a few dollars back every few months or just want to do the ecofriendly thing.

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