Oblivion Blu-ray

Oblivion starring Tiom Cruise Blu-ray Review

Oblivion Blu-ray Review Starring Tom Cruise

Oblivion stars Tom Cruise as Tech 49 Jack Harper, a drone repairman stationed on the post-apocalyptic Earth but finds out that everything he thinks he knows has been a lie.

Film making 4/5
Video 5/5
Audio 5/5
Bonus Features 3/5

Recommendation 4/5 Stars

Oblivion Starring Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise plays Tech 49 Jack Harper who repairs drones that are defending the energy harvesters that are supplying power to the last remaining members of the human race. Jack believes he is the last man on Earth along with the last woman on earth but only until they have completed their jobs.

Jack and his partner Victoria Olsen are a team that protects the energy harvesters that are supplying a colony of survivors on Titan. Aliens attacked the earth some 60 years before and some have remained to mysteriously continue to attack the harvesters as they collect power.

After the earth was devastated by nuclear weapons trying to destroy the aliens survivors left for Saturn’s moon Titan but they need energy form Earth. Jack routinely repairs drones in the field with Victoria watching from their safe tower which doubles as their home.

Jack is having dreams about a woman and is suddenly introduced to her when a prewar space ship crashes to Earth but is attacked by the drones. Jack rescues the woman and finds out she was Jacks fiancé before the war but he has only the dreams of her while she knows it’s true.

Jack learns that everything he thought was real is only a story and the supposed aliens that are attacking the harvesters are not real. Jack meets the survivors when he tries to find out what is going on and comes face to face with the truth that his whole life has been a lie.

Oblivion is a good film with an interesting plot that has plenty of twists and turns that you will not see coming and acting is top notch. Tom Cruise is at his best with action and heartfelt support from Morgan Freeman as the leader of the human survivors.

The film delves into new areas and does a great job at a new science fiction story that looks as good as it plays out. Video is excellent and the films does well with the stark contrast of the devastated world with the near perfect tower that Victoria and Jack live in.

Colors are great and Oblivion comes with a perfect Blu-ray transfer that is without problems for an excellent looking film. Audio is also top rate with no problems and an excellent surround sound on a DTS-HD Master Audio Surround Sound track.

Bonus features for Oblivion include audio commentary, a forty eight minute making of feature, deleted scenes and the score to the film. The making of feature is great while the score is an extra I have not seen before for a good set of extras that worth viewing.

Oblivion packs a lot of plot into its two hour time but it also has plenty of action and great science fiction story telling. Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman do a great job of entertaining and Oblivion is worth buying for that science fiction or Tom Cruise collection or a rental.

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