Now You See Me Blu-ray

Now You See Me Blu-ray Review

Now You See Me Blu-ray Review

Four magicians need to work together to pass the test and prove their eligibility to enter the prestigious and mysterious group known as The Eye in Now You See Me.

Film making 4/5
Video 5/5
Audio 5/5
Bonus Features 2/5

Recommendation 4/5 Stars

Now You See Me Blu-ray

The Eye is a mysterious organization that was created in ancient Egyptian times to help the poor get food by stealing it from the rich. The Eye is a group of magicians who throughout time have helped people using their skill in misdirection and sleight of hand but to most it is only a legend.

Now You See Me stars Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco as four magician/performers that are being hunted down by FBI agent Dylan Rhodes played by Mark Ruffalo. The four are great at magic with two being illusionists, one being an escape artist and the fourth performing sleight of hand magic.

They get together after receiving mysterious cards in unique ways inviting them to a room in an old building where they find plans to some very big acts. When they perform the acts as the Four Horsemen their illusion becomes not only a hit with the audience but a crime.

They steal money from a French bank and give it to the audience but the second act is even better with money disappearing from one account and appearing in the audiences. The audience is full of people who have been cheated out of insurance money from the very millionaire who is promoting the Four Horsemen.

The third act involves the Four Horsemen now running from the FBI agent with help from Interpol agent Alma Dray played by Melanie Laurent. The third act is more of a disappearing act with money being dispersed to the waiting crowd while the magicians disappear.

The money is actually fake and the four magicians meet after escaping the manhunt to find out who gave them the plans to their act and the invitation. In the end they are made members of the Eye but it’s who was behind the whole thing that is the surprise of the movie.

Now You See Me is a great movie and one that is well worth a watch or a rental but a purchase may not be in the cards for everyone. The movie is a definite mystery that you will not see coming and the second viewing is a must as it does contain plenty of obvious clues once you know who is the prime suspect.

The Blu-ray editions video and audio quality are fantastic with sharp looking video and great sounding audio that has really good surround with the extra 7.1 track if you have the system. Video has great looking and vibrant color with very sharp detail throughout the movie for an excellent looking film.

The audio is also top notch with a great DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track that uses a great surround for an immersive film experience. Bonus content includes audio commentary, a making of feature and a bit on magicians of the past along with customary deleted scenes and a couple trailers.

The bit about the magicians showing some past greats is pretty decent but filled with clips from the movie while the making of feature is alright as well. The other bonus features are about typical for fillers that are not worth watching more than once so bonus content is not all that great but at least there is something.

Now You See Me is a unique film dealing with magicians but also a very good crime thriller so you get something for both groups to enjoy. I highly recommend Now You See Me for a great crime thriller that is a very smart film with a great look at the world of magicians seen form a caper point of view.

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