Not Suitable For Children Blu-ray

Not Suitable For Children Blu-ray

Not Suitable For Children

Not Suitable For Children asks the question what if you had little time to father a child yet were not even married, could you find a mother for your offspring in time?

Film making 3/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 2/5

Recommendation 3/5 Stars

Not Suitable For Children Blu-ray

Jonah played by Ryan Kwanten has little prospects in life and just wants to have fun while he and his roommates earn a little money on the parties they host at their home. While these parties earn them enough money the future is pretty uncertain for Jonah as this is his only income but a dalliance turns his attention elsewhere when a girl finds a lump on his testicle.

Jonah visits the doctor with the life altering news that he has testicular cancer and his only option is to remove the cancer but it will render him infertile. He looks to the future and his chance at being a father only to be told that his sperm will not survive being frozen so his only option of fathering a child is getting someone pregnant before his surgery.

He begins searching for a mother only to come face to face with the fact that his fellow roommate and friend Stevie played by Sarah Snook is suddenly liking the idea. Jonah and Stevie try to conceive without their other roommate Gus finding out because things might get awkward, as if sleeping together isn’t.

When Stevie fails to conceive and Jonah is forced to undergo surgery without having to father a child they have a big argument and to make matters worse the police raid their latest party. Jonah and Stevie have a fight but in the end she comes to see him off to his big day in surgery only to realize she does love him and they do have options for children in their future.

Not Suitable For Children is a goofy film but in the end just falls short as a solid comedy or romantic comedy even though the acting is good. In Not Suitable For Children the drama of cancer takes a back seat to fathering a child and Jonah just is taken in directions that are not natural given his situation.

Yes, fathering a child when suddenly having the ability about to be taken away would be natural to want but they just go about it strangely and without enough emotional impact. The shock Jonah feels is evident but the sudden switch to wanting a child is just too sudden and even the great acting of Sarah Snook and Ryan Kwanten is not enough to propel this film above average.

Video and audio for Not Suitable For Children are great with good color and no real problems in either area but a few lower quality moments sneak in at times. Color at times is muted as an apparent choice but even with this video just never looks better than great and at times is just average.

Audio is also very good but not better and even though most of the film uses dialogue things could have been improved with the addition of more ambient sounds and music. The audio is without major problems but throughout the film you are forced to observe the fact that it is just decent audio and nothing more.

Bonus features in Not Suitable For Children include interviews with cast and crew along with a fourteen minute behind the scenes feature that includes more interviews and making of shots. The interviews are your typical extras while the making of features are also quite typical and in no real way anything above ordinary fair that is included with films.

You just cannot expect to have much else for a film that rises just barely above mediocre for extras but just like film direction a good producer could add enough to make it worthwhile. Not Suitable For Children is just not really all that great but is worth at least a rental for those days when nothing else is available.

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