Ninja Professional Frying System

Ninja Professional Frying System

Ninja Professional Frying System

The Ninja Frying System uses an 1800 watt element to keep the oil at the temperature you need for fast and efficient frying.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4.5/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 4.5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 4.5/5

Ninja Frying System

Ninja may be known for their professional blender which is called the Ninja Kitchen System but they also have other appliances that are great at various forms of cooking. The Ninja Professional Frying System uses a high wattage element and smaller size to keep the oil at a high temperature.

Fusion Heat Technology keeps the oil up to the temperature you set for crispy frying and faster cooking with the higher wattage heating element. The Fusion Technology may not be anything more than a higher wattage heating element but the smaller size of the fryer helps as well.

The Ninja Frying System also uses a covered basket to completely submerge your food while cooking to cook faster and with less oil saturating your food. The higher wattage element and small size mean better cooking and a bit healthier as well.

Parts of the Ninja Frying System

The Ninja Frying System has an outer body and inner oil reservoir that has a removable heating element and control panel that connects to a 120 volt outlet. The control panel has an LED panel that shows the temperature setting and a timer to help cook your foods.

The electric cord uses a magnetic connection to ensure a quick and easy safety detach in case of accidents so the cord does not pull the fryer. The fryer basket has a heat proof handle and an easy to fill basket that includes a cover.

The Ninja Fryer holds 3 liters of oil which is a good amount and it does cover the basket completely when submerged. The cover ensures food cooks all over but it is not required to cook foods if you prefer not to use it.

Deep Frying with Basket Cover

The inner reservoir has a removable pour spout to empty the reservoir after the oil has cooled to make things tidy when using. The outer housing has a nice lid to keep oil from spattering while cooking and a small vent.

The fryer does an excellent job with the small size and the higher wattage both contributing to a better frying experience. I think it is the combination of both the size of the fryer and the heating element that gives you the heat you need when frying.

One of the major problems with frying is adding food and having your oil cool so the food does not cook well or fast like those restaurant fryers. The higher wattage and smaller size along with the lid for the basket ensures the oil does not cool and food gets cooked as fast as it should.

Ninja Frying System Fish & Fries

The Ninja Frying System may not be a professional style fryer that you would see in a restaurant but it does a great job. The Ninja Fryer does have a nice timer to go along with the digital display of your temperature which is pretty accurate when checked with other thermometers.

The Ninja Fryer did an excellent job at common frying tasks like chicken, cheese sticks and hush puppies as well as some odd things like steaming. Since reviewing a larger fryer I have tried steaming in the fryer and it does an excellent job at boiling water quickly and creating a fast cooking steam.

The Ninja Fryer is a great countertop fryer that works well and is easy to clean with the pour spout that aids in emptying. Fryers have been getting pretty sophisticated but this one has two major features that help to make it stand out from the rest.

Frying Cresent Rolls

The Ninja Professional Frying System is a great fryer and well worth the $100 you can pick it up for at the Ninja website. I highly recommend the Ninja Professional Fryer System for a fantastic home fryer that has a couple of advantages over other fryers.

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