Ninja Cooking System

Ninja Cooking System Review

Ninja Cooking System Review

The Ninja Cooking System is a unique multi type cooking appliance that uses both side and bottom heating to cook meals in a removable aluminum pot.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
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Ninja Cooking System

The Ninja Cooking System is a unique and versatile appliance that can sear meats like a pan, slow cook meals like a crock pot and bake like an oven. The Ninja Cooking System uses a three heat system to heat from the bottom, sides or both.

The Ninja Cooking System has a large single aluminum pot that is coated with a nonstick coating as well as the lid except for the vent hole of the lid. The pot can be washed in the dishwasher but the lid should just be hand washed so the vent hole does not rust.

Ninja Cooking System Whats in the Box

The body of the appliance has two dials for setting the heating system as well as an LED display that shows temperature and time for the various settings. The body has the large aluminum heating block inside with the walls also having heating elements to heat the sides of the cooking pot.

The bottom of the pot comes in contact with the aluminum block that heats up the bottom while the sides are more for slow cooking. The combination heat of bottom and sides allows for heating and cooking with steam or direct lower temperatures like a slow cooker or crock pot.

Inside the Ninja Cooking System

The oven can bake, slow roast and slow cook as well as sear and cook like a normal skillet pan or sauté pan to sear meats or simply cook parts of meals. The Ninja Cooking System can be used to sear a roast then finish it off slow and juicy.

You can cook one pot meals like stews and soups without having to use a separate pan to sear or cook parts of the meal. I made a stew and easily cooked the beef then simply added the rest of the vegetables and ingredients then set the cooker to slow cook for several hours.

The stew came out very well with good taste and without wasting any of the flavors from searing the meat in a different pan. Those bits of food stuck to the bottom of your pan gives more flavor to your meal which adds lots of flavor to soups and stews.

Using the Ninja Cooking System you can bake and cook like an oven with settings for oven from 250 to 425 degrees which is a common oven range. The smaller size of the Ninja Cooking System means it will cook a bit faster than you would in a regular oven.

Lasagna in the Ninja

The slow cooker has the added advantage of being able to sear meats then go directly to low for all day long cooking without using separate appliances. This keeps all the good bits of food and juices in the slow cooker for flavorful meals and cuts down on cleaning.

The slow cooker function has low, high and buffet settings for a low keep warm just like slow cookers but with the added advantage of other settings. The Ninja Cooking System has a low metal rack that fits inside to steam meats and other foods simply by putting water or other liquids in the bottom.

Cooking Hamburgers

The food goes on the rack and you can steam foods for juicier meats, tender vegetables and another method of cooking. Steaming meats after searing can provide juicier meats but steaming also can be used for baking to make healthier desserts.

I tried steam baking cupcakes and a few other desserts for tasty and lower cholesterol baking due to steam baking that allows for less oil. When you steam bake you can use half the oil or fat in recipes so the desserts are a bit better for you.

Beef Stew

Due to the steam you can use less fat and the variety of heating allows you to use the Cooking System in other ways like a regular sauté pan. You can cook and boil in the pot using the regular bottom heat of the cooker on the stovetop setting.

You can cook and sauté in the pan or even boil noodles but a real interesting meal choice is one pot meals like lasagna or spaghetti and meatballs. Simply add noodles and sauce as well as water to boil and simmer the noodles down to finish cooking after cooking the meat.

Cake in the Ninja

You can find a good set of recipes on the Ninja website to see the wide variety of cooking you can perform as well as several sites for more recipes from happy users. You can reheat foods as well as cook meals and parts of meals in the Ninja Cooking System.

The Ninja Cooking System is the perfect single appliance for cooking, slow cooking and as a multipurpose cooker that fits most any kitchen. I highly recommend the Ninja Cooking System as a convenient and all around cooking appliance that slow cooks, sears, sautés and does so much more.

Ninja Cooking System Website

Ninja Cooking System Recipes

Cooks in several ways
Easy to clean
Non-stick coating works well
Easy to use controls

Lid is not dishwasher safe

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