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Napoleon Dynamite 10 Sweet Years Edition Blu-ray Review

Napoleon Dynamite 10 Sweet Years Edition Blu-ray Review

The now cult classic comedy Napoleon Dynamite hits the release circuit again with the 10 Sweet Years release of the film.

Film making 1/5
Video 3/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 5/5

Recommendation 2.5/5 Stars

Napoleon Dynamite is one of those films you either love or hate, if you had a bad high school experience it is probably one you will hate. I loathed high school and even junior high and had a hard time of it with all the teasing from so called peers.

The worst was those high school heroes the jocks who always thought they were better than everyone else and the film portrays this to a tee. But not in the way you would expect with Napoleon who basically ignores all the attacks and plods along almost as if he’s bored.

Napoleon is an oddball who does things his own way and has a life that many would say is outright strange but in its own way is pretty normal. One thing that struck me as very bad for the film was a lack of any kind of plot or story, the entire film is one attempted sight gag or joke after another.

They are bad jokes to boot and most don’t really make any sense but to some they seem to which is the real mystery here. Napoleon Dynamite is one of those films that does have a cult following for whatever reason but I just cannot see the appeal.

The whole film just seems to be one short comment on everyday life after another without much thought to an overall story or anything of importance. Scene after scene just follows the actors all of whom seem to be pretty bored and deliver their lines without much emotion.

Video quality is not that great and it seems to follow the vein of an 80’s movie in every sense right up to and including the look and feel of the film. Colors are pretty muted while the films general tone is alright but nothing to get excited about.

Audio quality is lacking as well but not that bad and at times even decent enough but for a film that is very voice centered it does lack much in the way of surround sound. Many of the lines are actually delivered in a mumbling tone so having clear and audible voice is more important than ever.

Bonus content includes commentary, deleted scenes, a still gallery and Easter Egg gallery as well as a making of feature on the Blu-ray disc. The DVD edition is a two sided disc with full screen on one and widescreen on the other as well as the same bonus features plus a few others.

There really are a lot of extras if you’re into the film but the movie has to be interesting or enjoyable to the viewer in order to appreciate any of the extras. The film speaks for itself, it’s a cult classic to some while others like Roger Ebert think it’s just an attempt at a film that is humorous.

Napoleon Dynamite is rather an odd duck to be sure and for those that like it the newest release may be worthwhile with all its extras but the film just pales at being funny to me.

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