My Keurig Mini PLUS Brewer

My Keurig MINI PLUS Brewer

The My Keurig K-Cup MINI PLUS brewer is a convenient single cup brewing system that uses the now common K-Cups in a wide variety of flavors and brands for a single beverage of your choice.

Ease of Use/Performance: 24/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 24/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 94/100

My Keurig B31 MINI PLUS Brewer

I recently went on a small trip, just a weekend conference where my wife spent the days in meetings for 4-H and I spent the time in the hotel room, watching TV or reading. We spent a few days getting ready and came across some great deals on the K-Cups that the Keurig machines use, a wooden box full of those plastic cups for $9 each.

I also purchased a couple of boxes of dark hot chocolate at Wal-Mart on sale and a few other boxes of other flavors both mixed and my favorite dark coffee blends for the trip. We had plenty of coffee and other drinks to use on our trip and for a few weeks after but the fun of it was we took my Keurig MINI PLUS with us.

We had the Keurig machine on the table in the hotel room replacing the cheap hotel coffee machine and brought our favorite thermos cups and a wide variety of K-Cups. We brought some flavored creamers but one slip up on my part almost marred a fun weekend enjoying our favorite hot drinks.

I forgot to check the machine before we left, the My K-Cup filter was in the machine instead of the K-Cup holder that comes with the machine when you buy it. My Keurig B31 MINI PLUS machine works like most of them do, water goes into a warming tank and when it heats up to the set temperature it runs through the K-Cup.

Whats in the Box My Keurig

The K-Cup is a plastic cup with a foil lid that has either a felt filter in the bottom for coffee and teas or simply the powder for chai and hot cocoa. The hot water is forced through a tube at the top that also punctures the foil seal and runs through the grounds, leaves or powder and into your cup below.

My Keurig B31 MINI PLUS is a small version of the larger models and brews a single cup like the others but does not hold water in a tank other than for the one cup. To brew a cup you open the back lid and pour water into the reservoir and use the three level guides for your desired amount.

You can also simply use the cup your drinking from for a gauge of how much water to pour in as this is only how much will brew. The machine does not hold any water and as soon as it heats up, about two minutes, it will run through the K-Cup and into your cup below.

There is a removable tray to hold drips and to allow a place for extra water to run to if you pour too much into the reservoir. If the drip tray is not there, you can remove it for taller cups, the extra water will run into the bottom of the machine and onto your counter.

Reservoir Detail My Keurig

This won’t happen as long as you don’t put more than 10 ounces of water in the reservoir and once you add the water you then add your K-Cup. The water stays in the reservoir until you open the K-Cup housing using the handle and the water will pour into the heater tank inside.

The machine has two buttons, one for power and the other to brew but you have to cycle the machine, open and close the brewer holder, to get the brew button ready. To brew using my Keurig it really does not take all that much, about the same time to explain it as to do it.

Pour a cup of water into the reservoir, turn on the machine and place your K-Cup into the holder then press the brew button and wait two minutes for the hot beverage of your choice. K-Cups come in popular brands and flavors of beverages from Starbucks and Caribou Coffee to several teas and cocoa based drinks.

You can even get things like iced tea mixes that you brew and pour over ice, but I found just using a regular tea and pouring it over iced with a bit of sugar works just as well. I really enjoy several of the teas like peach and sweet raspberry black teas over ice with a couple spoons of sugar.

Reservoir & K-Cup Holder My Keurig

I also enjoy using the My K-Cup filter holder and small filter basket to use my own fresh ground coffees to make a real treat for fresh ground coffee drinks. I have several coffee machines from the somewhat expensive espresso maker which costs $350 to the inexpensive table top Aeropress that costs about $35.

The single most useful and versatile hot beverage device I own are the Keurig machines and the single serving smaller version just makes sense for a smaller home. My Keurig MINI PLUS B31 is the perfect size for an apartment, home office or office to make a single cup of coffee or tea how you want it.

The variety of teas and coffee will ensure you never get bored and the K-Cups direct from local stores costs about the same as ordering them. Of course you can find them on sale here and there or if you find one you really enjoy you can order them on a subscription through Amazon.


K-Cups cost about 50 to 60 cents each while a regular cup of coffee from grounds will cost down near 20 cents depending on the price of coffee and what brand you use. I have found that Target and Wal-Mart have several different brands of K-Cups for the regular price of $10 for a box of 18 K-Cups and you can find more flavors at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond and other kitchen and cooks supply stores.

MINI PLUS & K-Cups My KeurigMy Keurig B31 MINI PLUS costs about $100 which may seem like a lot but for the individual serving size and being able to brew the cup of beverage you want at a time this is a nice price. You can also use the Keurig MINI PLUS for hot water for things like cup A Soup and other foods like instant oatmeal.

I highly recommend the Keurig B31 MINI PLUS for that perfect pint sized single serve coffee and hot beverage machine that works great for the home office or just about anywhere.

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