My-Cap Refillable Nespresso Capsules

My-Cap Refillable Nespresso Capsules

The My-Cap Refillable Nespresso Capsules are a reusable plastic capsule that allows you to use your own fresh ground espresso to make fresh shots of espresso in a Nespresso machine.


Ease of Use, Performance:  1/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features  0/5
How much I enjoy 0/5

Recommendation:  0/5 Stars

The refillable My-Cap capsule is available for use with Nespresso machines including the newest Nespresso U but the capsules do not work very well.  The My-Cap capsules are a small plastic capsule that has the lid on a plastic hinge and a fine mess screen to keep the espresso grounds inside.

I purchased a set of five of the My-Cap capsules and after two months of use have given up trying to get a decent shot of espresso using the refillable capsules. The capsules come with a small rubber or silicone ring that seals the capsule inside the Nespresso machine and I have tried both with and without the seal when making my shots.

my-cap capsules

The capsules are easy to use by simply filling ground espresso and closing the lid shut but between how much and how much to tamp the espresso the shots just never come out well. I usually get just strong coffee without much crema at all but usually I just got terrible weak shots.

The Nespresso machine works just fine and I have been able to continue to get great shots of espresso using the Nespresso capsules but the refillable capsule of the My-Cap just does not work. I have watched several videos both from the company and from users and have not been able to get any that resemble decent shots of espresso.

I was trying to use both a Capresso Infinity and a Baratza Maestro Plus grinder as well as great locally roasted beans and could not get anything to work well enough using the My-Cap capsules. I also tried using a variety of filling and tamping methods including the various ones I found at the My-Cap website and ones suggested by other users and nothing worked well enough.

Damage on My-Cap Capsules

I would not bother trying to use the My-Cap refillable Nespresso capsules as I just could not get a decent shot of espresso even using a variety of different espresso grounds including beans that were fresh roasted the same day. I just could not get the My-Cap refillable capsules to work with the Nespresso U and would recommend not spending your money on them as they just don’t work.

Inexpensive alternative if they worked

Does not make a decent cup of espresso
Capsules may crush occasionally
Capsule hinge will eventually break

Crushed My-Cap Capsule

My-Cap Website

One thought on “My-Cap Refillable Nespresso Capsules”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    First of all thanks for the great info.

    I have a new Nespressu U and I like to reuse the capsules at least once or twice after first use. I like Lavazza coffee ground.

    My attempts are all failures. I filled used capsules and covered them with a foil as some folks demonstrated on YouTube but the foil does not get punctured and I only get clear water. I tried may times but no success. However new capsules work fine when used for the first time.

    Do you think I need to use a rubber band as shown above?

    Any ideas?


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