Mr Coffee Cafe Latte

Mr Coffee Cafe Latte

Mr Coffee Cafe Latte

The Mr Coffee Cafe Latte makes great tasting latte’s with an easy all in one machine that brews strong coffee and whips the milk to a froth as the coffee is drip brewing into the pitcher.

Mr Coffee Cafe Latte

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 4/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 4/5

The Mr Coffee Cafe Latte does a great job of making a quick latte using regular milk and coffee in one machine that is easy to use and clean. The Cafe Latte has a coffee brewing system that drips into the pitcher which has a frother motor and attachment built in.

The Mr Coffee Cafe Latte comes with the machine that includes the pitcher, pitcher lid, basket and instructions along with a couple of 4 cup coffee filters. The Cafe Latte makes a great latte or you can make other hot drinks like hot chocolate with the pitcher in the froth & heat mode.

Whats in the Box Cafe Latte

The Cafe Latte maker has the pitcher which includes a heating element in the base of the glass pitcher along with the frother pitcher lid that has a motor in the lid assembly. The brewing area has a small brew basket that holds the 4 cup paper filter but you can also use a metal mesh filter basket which is sold separately.

To make a latte you put three or four tablespoons of ground coffee in the basket for a single latte or six to eight for two lattes and fill the water reservoir with the appropriate amount of water. The reservoir has a white bar with indicators for water level while the pitcher has marks on it for indications for milk or water level.

Fill the pitcher with 2% milk and any other ingredients you like such as sugar or syrup, twist the top on the pitcher which locks into place. Place the pitcher on the base and ensure the latte/froth only switch is in the latte position to brew the coffee as well as froth the milk.

Working Parts of Cafe Latte

The brewer takes about three and a half minutes to brew the coffee and to froth and heat the milk which is pretty quick for a great tasting latte. The brewing does not make real espresso but strong coffee which works well for a simple machine but this does not make a true latte that uses espresso.

You can make hot chocolate or other hot drinks like instant chai tea or instant cappuccino using water or milk and a powdered mix. The frother has the wire whisk type frothing end and mixes well while the heating element in the base of the pitcher heats the milk or water to make a great hot drink.

I have made several different kinds of hot chocolate and hot drinks with great tasting results that is also easy to clean up. The pitcher and the lid need to be hand washed in the sink but with a little soap and water along with a foam bottle brush you can quickly wash out the pitcher and lid.

Making Hot Chocolate

The Mr Coffee Cafe Latte makes a great latte even if it is not a true latte made from espresso or real steamed milk but you can also try other drinks. The recipe guide that comes with the maker contains several recipes ideas for lattes and even some lattes made with teas.

The Mr Coffee Café Latte works well and with its simple to use and easy cleanup I find I really like using it for great drinks whether a nightly treat or a morning pick me up. I highly recommend the Mr Coffee Cafe Latte for an easy to use and simple machine for lattes and other hot drinks that costs about $80.

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