Mionix SARGAS 320 & ENSIS 320 Mouse Pads

Mionix SARGAS 320 & ENSIS 320 Mouse Pads

Mionix SARGAS 320 & ENSIS 320 Mouse Pads

Mionix is a relative newcomer to the gaming scene and has started taking off here in the United States with gaming mice, keyboards and mouse pads including the newest SARGAS and ENSIS 320 mouse pads.

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Mionix SARGAS 320 & ENSIS 320 Mouse Pads

Mionix is a gaming peripheral company based in Sweden and started by Peter Nygren with the goal to design and develop high-end computer peripherals made for gamers using high quality, cool design and a touch of innovation as company standards. Mionix has a good assortment of mouse pads available and the Mionix SARGAS 320 and ENSIS 320 are both excellent products to start my look at these company’s products.

The SARGAS 320 and ENSIS 320 are both 320 mm wide by 260 mm tall and 2 mm in thickness but are made from different materials for great gaming mouse pads depending on your preferences. I am not much of a hard mousepad fan but this mousepad has changed my attitude toward them and especially with the use of another Mionix product.

The ENSIS 320 is an aluminum and foam rubber mouse pad with a super smooth surface for your mouse and the grip foam rubber pad to keep the mouse pad in place. The ENSIS 320 has a nice black surface which can be measured with a technology that Mionix uses to rate their smooth mouse pads using a tool called the SQAT or Surface Quality Analyzer Tool.

Mouse Pad Data Loss

The Analyzer tool is part of their Mionix NAOS 5000 mouse that I will also be reviewing and shows how well or poorly your mouse and mouse pad works together. Using the mouse that measures data loss you can test mouse pads and using the numerous ones I have accumulated I can say that not all mouse pads are created equal.

The SARGAS mouse pad rated a 7 on the mouse test while the ENSIS rated a 9 which was the highest score I received out of 12 mouse pads I tested and three other surfaces. I checked a plain piece of paper and received a low score of 4 while my bare tabletop I use as a desk had a score of eight, I did recently clean my desk after all.

The two Mionix mouse pads received decent scores but not the 10 and 8 that is specified on their site but this could be due to natural conditions after using them for a month. The SQAT testing using the mouse may not a very scientifically accurate one and I have seen surface smoothness testing done in a lab setting so I can understand the need for a smooth surface for laser technology and sensing.

Mouse Pad Mionix Ensis

The two mouse pads both work well and have a very smooth surface that handles the optical laser well for gaming mice and for both regular computer use and gaming the mouse pads work extremely well. If you’re wanting the more precise control that a metal mouse pad will give you due to the smoother surface the ENSIS 320 gives the best performance you could get from a mouse pad.

It took me a few weeks to get used to a hard mouse surface but the aluminum pad and very smooth surface makes mouse movement very precise and controlled. The mouse I was using at the time slides easily across the surface and keeps the cursor moving freely across my monitor without any noticeable problems.

If you’re not as worried about the control and just like the feel of give that a cloth mouse pad has the SARGAS is also an excellent performing mouse pad and will give plenty of control in the most demanding games. I have been testing both mouse pads in numerous games such as Battlefield 3, Sniper Elite V2 and Sniper: Ghost Warrior to check out the precision and handling of both the Mionix mouse and mouse pads.

Mouse Pad Mionix Sargas

The Mionix mouse pads do make a difference and especially the metal ENSIS 320 with its incredibly smooth and fast response for mousing. Not only does the Mionix NAOS 5000 mouse but other gaming and general mice slide smoothly across its surface for fast response on screen.

The Mionix ENSIS 320 makes the best gaming mouse pad for fast response while the SARGAS 320 is a bit more comfortable for those long gaming sessions and general computer use. The Mionix ENSIS and SARGAS cost from $15 to $40 depending on size with the ENSIS 320 coming in at the more expensive $40 and the cloth SARGAS starting at $15 and going up to $30.

The SARGAS comes in three different sizes while the ENSIS only comes in the one size but has a brushed aluminum surface for the Luna edition and the smooth black surface on the regular version. I highly recommend the Mionix SARGAS for a top of the line microfiber cloth mouse pad for added comfort while the gaming top of the line ENSIS gives the best response you can get from a mouse pad.

Ensis & Sargas DetailUSB connection shown for size comparison

Check out the variety of mouse pads and other mouse and gaming peripherals at Mionix.

ENSIS 320 @ Mionix

SARGAS 320 @ Mionix

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