Gaming Mouse Mionix NAOS 5000

Mionix NAOS 5000 Gaming Mouse

Mionix NAOS 5000 Gaming Mouse

In conjunction with my review of the Mionix SARGAS and ENSIS mouse pads I also received the NAOS 5000 gaming mouse that is definitely a gaming grade peripheral with a special little surprise under the hood.

Ease of Use, Performance: 5 /5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features  5/5
How much I enjoy 4/5

Total:  4.5/5 Stars

Gaming Mouse Mionix NAOS 5000

Have you ever wondered what difference all those various gaming mouse pads and variety of materials really make when it comes to mouse performance and actual use? How about all those claims that a certain weave, microfiber or silicone rubber will enhance your gaming performance or maybe you just want to compare your favorite desk top or countertop to the current mouse pad you use.

The Mionix Naos is an exceptional gaming mouse with adjustable dpi laser, ergonomic design and fully customizable buttons with macros but has a surprise under that rubberized plastic shell. The Mionix Naos 5000 also has a Surface Quality Analyzer Tool built in so you can check the surface you use for mousing and compare it with others and with common surfaces like your desk, coffee table or countertop.

I did a little comparison and was very surprised at the results, my current table I use for my work area scored better than several mouse pads I have received but some of the gaming grade mouse pads did not fair so well. I will include a chart with this review of my results and there is also one attached to the review of the two Mionix mouse pads I reviewed along with the Mionix Naos 5000 gaming mouse.

Whats in the Box Mionix NAOS 5000


The Mionix Naos gaming mouse is not just a toy to check the surface roughness of materials though, it is a gaming grade mouse that includes all the features any gamer wants and needs to take their gaming as far as they can personally. The Naos 5000 has a 5040 dots per inch gaming grade laser sensor but you can easily adjust the dots per inch setting from the two arrow buttons on the top of the mouse in gaming.

Being able to adjust this setting on the fly in a game means in a first person shooter you have it set higher for faster turning and movement but when it comes down to precise control for sniper shots you can quickly adjust it down. The Mionix Naos 5000 also has the fully customizable button settings and macros so you can change any button to the keyboard or mouse assignment as well as assign macros for multi button commands in games.

The downloadable software from the Mionix website also has up to five profiles that are stored on the mouse itself for easy use on other computers or at LAN gaming sessions without worrying about the software. One thing I am surprised about is no use of game executables where the mouse automatically switches over to the appropriate profile when a program or game is launched.

NAOS 5000 Buttons


This may become available in future updates as the mouse does have the ability to upgrade the firmware on board the mouse itself as well as new updates in the software. The Mionix Naos 5000 has color preferences for the logo, side dpi step indicators and top buttons for changing the dpi along with the scroll wheel but this is just icing on the cake of a pretty tasty gaming peripheral.

The Mionix Naos 5000 is a comfortable gaming mouse with a contoured grip that fits snuggly into my hand when gaming or for general use and the buttons all fit naturally into the top fingers and thumb. The Naos 500o has two bottom openings for weights with eight 5 gram weights for a good assortment that you can set according to your mousing preferences or not use the weights at all.

I found the small doors a bit difficult to open and close but you should not have a problem and only need to use them a few times to change the weight of the mouse. The Naos 5000 has three large and one medium sized Teflon mouse pads on the bottom so you never have to worry about those small dots falling off your mouse in the hottest gaming sessions.

Bottom of NAOS 5000

I have been using the Mionix Naos 5000 for a month and am very impressed with this gaming peripheral and can truly say Mionix has created a gaming grade mouse that is easily the same quality as other peripheral companies catering to the gamer. The SQAT surface quality analyzer is just icing on the cake so you can truly see the difference the surface you’re using makes and this is not a silly last minute feature tossed in.

The analyzer is actually measuring data loss from the laser sensor over the surface it is on so the tool is handy to see how different surfaces compare when using the same mouse on.  The Mionix Naos 5000 has more going for it than the surface analyzer and in games like first person shooters and real time strategy the mouse performs fantastically with its smooth precision.

Cursor and crosshair movement is great and very smooth and the Naos 5000 easily is a gaming grade peripheral at the top end of the gaming peripheral spectrum competing for the gamer dollars. The Naos 5000 does however come at about the same price for gaming grade mice from other more well-known companies such as Razer and Steel Series but with the addition of a handy tool it does set itself apart a bit.

Mouse Pad Data Loss

I highly recommend the Mionix Naos 5000 as a great gaming peripheral that definitely makes itself known as a professional gaming mouse with a bit of an edge over the competition.

Naos 5000 Gaming Mouse @ Mionix

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