Milwaukee Voltage Continuity Tester

Milwaukee Auto Voltage Continuity Tester

Milwaukee Auto Voltage Continuity Tester

The Milwaukee Auto Voltage Continuity Tester is an easy to use tester for home and work use that easily checks voltage and continuity without any switching.

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milwaukee tester
Milwaukee Auto Voltage Continuity Tester


The Milwaukee Auto Voltage Continuity Tester model 2212-20 is a handheld tester for both professionals and home users that checks both voltage and continuity. The Milwaukee Auto Voltage and Continuity Tester can check for both alternating and direct current voltages as well as resistance.

The voltage side of the tester checks AC and DC voltage up to 600 volts while it only gives an audible alarm and a small continuity indicator to show the meter is reading good continuity. The voltage tester will also give an audio alarm when it reads voltage above 35 volts but also shows the voltage on the meters LCD display.

The LCD display has a backlight along with a small helpful LED light to shine a bit of light when needed while the audio indicators allow for quick readings. The Milwaukee voltage tester comes in two versions with one showing exact resistance while the other shows continuity using an audible alarm and a simple indicator.

whats in the box
Whats in the Box

The Auto Voltage Tester will check for voltage and automatically show alternating or direct current without having to switch anything. The auto tester will automatically switch to whatever type of voltage is present as well as check for continuity when no voltage is present and the tester reads less than 20,000 ohms.

Voltage comes in two types with the tester automatically switching to either AC or DC and giving the appropriate readings according to what the tester reads. The tester also has an audible warning for voltage over 35 volts for both AC and DC to ensure you know there is hazardous current present as a precaution.

When testing for continuity the tester will also give an audible alarm and indicate continuity with a yellow light while the presence of voltage is indicated by a red warning light. The audible warning for AC voltage is a constant beeping tone while the continuity is a single tone that does not vary.

Milwaukee Continuity Tester Indicators
Milwaukee Continuity Tester Indicators

Low voltages under 35 volts are not as dangerous so Milwaukee has no audible warning when checking for voltage but the audible alarm can be very helpful in many situations. When checking house wiring before working on it having an audible alarm warns you there is voltage without the need to look at the screen for every check.

When you’re done with the tester you can shut it off using the power button but it will shut down on its own when it has not been used after 10 minutes. To turn the unit on simply push the power button and touch the leads to your circuit and the tester will show and give you an audible indication of voltage or continuity.

The Milwaukee tester is easy to use and with its backlit display allows you to use it in low light situations like attics and basements easily. The belt clip is removable and does rotate sideways to hold the wires when wrapped around the body for storage.

battery compartment belt clip
Battery Compartment & Belt Clip

The tester is handy and a great tool for do it yourselfers and for professionals who only need voltage readings and continuity indications. The tester comes in handy around the house for checking circuits as well as installing wiring from doorbells and thermostats.

You can also check smaller voltages like USB connections and power adapters as well as those higher voltages like incoming power to a home or building. The continuity is great for checking shorts or cuts in wires without having to look at the screen using the audible tones.

I have done several jobs around the house including some wiring in my kitchen and a new outlet for an electric fireplace in the living room. The tester came in handy for both checking for voltage on circuits before working on them and to ensure things were set up properly after the work was done.

belt clip holding cables
Belt Clip Holding Cables

I really like the lack of switches for checking voltage and resistance while the leads are a general purpose size to use on small cables like USB for computers. I have also used the continuity tester checking wires while repairing a sewing machine to make sure the wires were not cut completely from some nicks.

The tester works well and the convenient audible alarm makes for an easy way to quickly check things out without having to see the screen. The Milwaukee Auto Voltage and Continuity Tester model 2212-20 costs about $40 and is available at Milwaukee as well as sites and stores that sell Milwaukee products.

I highly recommend the Milwaukee Auto Voltage and Continuity Tester for a low cost tool for home electricians as well as professionals.

Milwaukee Auto Tester Website

Auto tester for voltage and resistance
Switches to AC or DC as well as continuity automatically
Audible alarm for easier reading
Backlit display and LED light for low light situations
Belt clip rotates to hold cables


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