Coffee Cup Mighty Mug

Mighty Mug Spill Proof Coffee Cup

Mighty Mug Spill Proof Coffee Cup

The Mighty Mug is a spill proof coffee cup that looks more like an overweight travel mug but it works surprisingly well to keep your coffee in the mug instead of all over your desk.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 4/5

Total: 5/5

Coffee Cup Mighty Mug

While it may be hard to get excited over a coffee mug the Mighty Mug does have a few surprises in its small but wide bodied frame. Looks can be deceiving and even when you first try it out you may not believe it can be a spill proof mug but just try to knock it over.

The Mighty Mug is a plastic mug with a surprisingly simple design with the insert and handle as one piece where your coffee or other drinks go. The body or colored part of the mug is the main part that is nestled inside the cup insert and held in with a clip on the bottom.

The bottom of the Mighty Mug is where all the surprises really are with a rubber suction cup but not like others as there is a big hole in the bottom where the clip goes. When the cup part of the Mighty Mug sits firmly down in this hole it creates a suction for the rubber suction cup and prevents the cup from being knocked over.

When you lift the cup by the handle this pulls the center clip part out of the hole and releases the suction seal allowing you to casually sip your drink. When you set the cup down the cup insert centers itself in the hole once again creating a slight suction to prevent spills.

If a sudden movement or jerk happens the rubber suction cup holds the Mighty Mug in place as long as the surface the mug is sitting on will hold a suction cup. The Mighty Mug holds firmly for that split second you jerk it around but when you gently move the mug it easily moves or lifts.

Bottom of Mighty Mug

Of course if you set the Mighty Mug on an uneven surface it will not work as well and for surfaces that are really rough you will not get any suction seal so no spill proof advantage. The suction cup design is unique and does make the Mighty Mug a great coffee cup in an office where spills and accidents involving drinks all over work projects would not be good.

The Mighty Mug easily comes apart and the black plastic insert and handle are top rack dishwasher safe but the colored or stainless steel outer body and rubber suction cup are not to be put in the dishwasher. You should handwash the outer body and it is important to keep the rubber cup clean of debris so a gentle wash is also needed here to help create the all-important seal.

You can use the Mighty Mug in the microwave to heat up liquids and like any time you use a microwave you should be careful with boiling liquids. Water heated and boiled in a microwave could suddenly release water vapor bubbles when the cup is removed due to the rapid heating in a microwave so care should be taken to prevent injury.

Parts of Mighty Mug

Keyboards can now safely reside near the ever present coffee cups using the Mighty Mug and hot liquids near kids is now less of a worry. The Mighty Mug is recyclable and biodegradable so those environmentalists can rest assured that this will not be around forever to pollute our planet.

The Mighty Mug does have a lid with easy open tab and a nice sized drinking hole to prevent spilling as well but the main feature of the bottom suction cup that Mighty Mug calls Smartgrip is the main spill proof feature. The Mighty Mug does live up to its name and does come with a limited lifetime warranty and is even registered with their company for warranty purposes.

I highly recommend the Mighty Mug as a spill proof coffee mug that costs about $15 and is available from Amazon, Target and the Mighty Mug store.

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