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Mastrad purefizz Soda Maker Review

Mastrad purefizz Soda Maker Review

The Mastrad purefizz allows you to make carbonated drinks without the mess and directly in the bottle that is also portable.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

purefizz system

The Mastrad purefizz allows you to enjoy carbonated beverages without the hassle of adding syrups or sugars after you carbonate the water. Many popular soda makers like SodaStream use a carbonation process that first carbonates plain water and then has you add syrup.

The purefizz comes with a stainless steel bottle, funnel and two caps as well as instructions for use but you will need to buy some CO2 cartridges. The purefizz uses CO2 cartridges that are available from Mastrad but you can use any food safe 8 gram CO2 cartridge to carbonate.

The purefizz works very simply by filling the bottle with your chosen beverage and then filling it with CO2 using the charger cap that has a screw thread for the cartridge holder. After charging the bottle you shake the bottle several times and then wait for the gas to evenly distribute throughout your beverage.

You can also use this time to cool your beverage and if you’re carbonating wine for a sparkling wine you can leave it in the fridge for more and smaller bubbles. Leaving the bottle unopened for a longer time allows more of the CO2 to infiltrate the beverage and gives you smaller bubbles as well.

Carbonated Apple Cider

You can charge the purefizz twice for even more bubbles which might be necessary for wine or other liquors which is something I have not tried. I don’t drink alcohol so I did not try wine or other alcoholic beverages but you can carbonate liquors like vodka and wine.

The costs to do this may be a bit more than store bought soda but the real advantage of this system is not the fact that it can take the place of buying soda but that it can carbonate any liquid. The SodaStream should only be used to carbonate water but the purefizz allows you to carbonate anything you like.

Carbonating juices like cranberry and orange juice can liven up a brunch or just make a great tasty treat anytime of the day. The purefizz can carbonate anything you can pour into the bottle that you want to turn into a fizzy drink.

You can create unique drinks by adding pieces of fruit or frozen fruit juice to the bottle but you do have to use liquid in there as well. You can make fruit drinks with the fruit already added but this really doesn’t affect the fruit and I found adding it directly to a glass is easier.

purefizz Root Beer

I also tried a couple of fun experiments with a favorite drink and a not so favorite drink with interesting results for both. I tried some cold coffee and found it tasted kind of bitter and had a lot of foam and little liquid when I poured it out.

I saw a video on You Tube that carbonated several things using a SodaStream and tried milk with some root beer flavoring that tasted just like a root beer float. This was great, a root beer float in taste but without the pesky clumps of ice cream but with a great creamy flavor.

Other soda makers like the SodaStream and Cuisinart soda makers do not allow you to do this as they carbonate water only due to their design. You can put syrup or liquids other than water in the bottle but it does make a mess and should be avoided to prevent damage to the soda maker.

The purefizz is a simpler design that does not include the tubing and fittings but directly injects CO2 into the bottle through one valve. The purefizz has a lot less moving parts so there are less things to go wrong or to get messed up with syrup or other sticky ingredients.

Carbonated Orange Juice

One thing you do need to make sure is that you release the pressure before opening the bottle as you may blow the gasket out of the bottle when opening by just unscrewing the cap. I know this can happen because I did just that and the rubber seal broke in one spot when I opened the cap without releasing the gas.

I found a handy replacement at a local hardware store and was ready to make more carbonate beverages like my favorite root beer soda. I have used both the SodaStream and the purefizz using the same syrup and find that there are near to identical as far as I can taste.

Both machines work well but the purefizz is a bit more expensive drink for drink with a cost comparison for the carbonators being the main difference. A box of ten CO2 cartridges costs about $11 shipped from Mastrad which equates to a cost per ounce of carbonated water at 4 cents.

Adding the natural sugar root beer syrup from SodaStream just about doubles that 4 cents to 8 cents per ounce so the cost is a bit more than store bought soda. Buying soda at the store costs about 3 or 4 cents per ounce so there is a decent price difference that is made up for in the fact that you can carbonate anything you want.

Carbnated Apple Juice w/ Apple Slices

I have tried a wide variety of juices like lemonade, lime juice, orange juice, fruit punch, grape juice and common ordinary apple juice. You can carbonate wine and other alcohol beverages for a different taste and treat wherever you want with the portable aspect of the purefizz.

It is now almost Thanksgiving so apple cider is plentiful at stores and it makes an excellent choice for the purefizz and trying some at Thanksgiving will be fun. The purefizz is very portable and only has the bottle with the two caps and the cartridges that you need to carry while the soda makers like SodaStream are less portable.

I highly recommend the purefizz Soda Maker for a unique and different way to carbonate beverages that allows you to carbonate anything you want without hassle. The purefizz costs about $80 and the CO2 cartridges cost about $11 for a box of ten.

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Can carbonate any liquid

Very portable
Easy to clean and bottle only is dishwasher safe


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