Whipper Mastrad Gourmet

Mastrad Gourmet Whipper Aluminum .5L

Mastrad Gourmet Whipper Aluminum .5L

The Mastrad Gourmet Whipper is a great professional whipper for smooth creamy desserts and infused oils but using the whipper for its main use is fantastic for rich fresh whipped cream.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 4/5
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Recommendation: 5/5

Whipper Mastrad Gourmet Whipper Aluminum .5L

The Mastrad Gourmet Whipper is a professional grade tool for cooks to use for perfect whipped cream, fantastic desserts and a whole host of fancy delights like espuma and infused oil. A whipper is a simple tool that uses either carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide to whip the ingredients inside the container by inducing the gas into the liquid.

Usually recipes call for the use of nitrous oxide for things like cream, mousse and espuma but a few things I came across for drinks use the carbon dioxide or CO2. The Mastrad Whipper uses the small nitrous dioxide cartridges in one of the connectors while the other is the nozzle where the cream or other ingredients are dispensed.

The handle is used to control the flow of the whipper while the cartridge is used once to fill the whipper with the desired gas. To whip a cream or other ingredient you would fill the container and ensure the rubber seal is in place on the top of the whipper then screw the top on.

The top has the valve, handle and cartridge connection and a cover that fits over the cartridge connection to keep it clean when you are not charging the whipper. The seal for the Mastrad whipper is a thick silicone seal with a handy inner ring for easy removal while cleaning the whipper.

Whats in the Box Mastrad Whipper

To use the whipper you fill the container with up to 500ml of ingredients but you need to make sure the ingredients are smooth and will not clog the valve. The whipper top is screwed on and you turn the whipper upside down to charge by putting a cartridge in the cartridge holder and screwing it on the cartridge connection.

A pin inside the connection will pierce the cartridge and release gas into the container which will infuse into the liquid which is why you hold the container upside down to charge. When upside down the gas goes through the liquid instead of just pooling above it for light and airy whips and mousses or even infusions.

The whipper can dispense whipped cream that is both light and fluffy but the main reason to use a whipper for cream is the taste which cannot be beat by canned or tubs of frozen whipped cream. Those commercial cans of whipped cream or tubs of frozen cream just do not cut it when wanting a fancy and delicious dessert or topping.

Whipper for Whipped Cream

Price is also somewhat of an issue but the cost is surprisingly about the same for a can of whipped topping or the amount of cream for whipped cream dispensed by a whipper. I dispensed a 13 ounce can of whipped topping that costs about $3.50 into a bucket to see how much is in those cans and it filled the gallon bucket about half full.

Using the Mastrad Gourmet Whipper that holds .5 liters I dispensed the full whipper into the same bucket and got about a quarter of a bucket full. A liter of cream which costs about $3.68 at Wal-mart fills the bucket up about half full so a liter of cream is about the same amount of whipped topping as a large 13 ounce can of the store bought whipped topping

The store bought topping is not the same when it comes to taste and added ingredients like preservatives and even added milk compared to fresh whipped cream you make with a whipper. The cream you use for your whipped cream is all natural and even if you add sugar and flavorings like vanilla you still don’t have any extras like sorbitan monostearate or carrageenan, whatever they are.

Whipper for Mousse

Using a whipper means you control what goes into the dessert or topping like simple fresh cream, a little powdered sugar and real vanilla for a flavorful topping. You can also use some powdered cocoa and other flavorings like raspberry or mint and make mousse for a creamy dessert or addition to a cake or cookie.

You can make simple mousse desserts by using a flavoring like raspberry extract or cocoa powder and cream for a light a flavorful dessert and even control the airiness using the whipper. You can angle the whipper more for less aeration in the content as it is dispensed for a less aerated mousse or use it straight up and down for a lighter fluffier mousse.

You should use powdered cocoa and powdered sugar in the whipper instead of any larger sized grains lke table sugar so the powders dissolve faster and will not clog the whippers valve. You should also strain and liquids that contain seeds or anything that my clog the valve before adding it to the whipper.

The foldable funnel from Mastrad is a silicone funnel that has a screen insert to strain out lumps and seeds form your ingredients so you only get liquids that the whipper can handle. The foldable funnel is a handy tool around the kitchen for lots of cooking and I am glad I bought one for use with the whipper and this review.

You can add ingredients into the whipper like coffee beans, fresh spices and garlic cloves but you need to make sure you dispense the pressurized air out of the container fully before opening. When infusing oil you simply add oil and whatever ingredient for infusing and hold the container upside down to charge the whipper which will force the liquid oxide into the spice.

Infusing Olive Oil

Shake vigourously several times and allow the ingredients to infuse into the oil for a few minutes then with the container upright you slowly remove the gas from the nozzle using a towel over the nozzle. This forces the oil into the spices were it will pick up the flavor of the spice and when you strain out the spices the flavor has now been transferred to the oil.

Espumas are common in gourmet restaurants and dishes with this are an elegant way to add some flavor and a touch of that bit of something extra to a plate for both visual appeal and taste. Instead of a simple sauce adding a light and fluffy foam that has a savory taste like asparagus espuma can make a dish take on a new taste without having to weigh down the meal.

I have not yet made any espumas and will try this out in the future but for now am more than content on simple whipped creams and flavorful mousse with only a few simple ingredients. The whipper is one of those kitchen gadgets that takes only a few minutes to use and can last for years when you buy a good quality one.

The Mastrad Whipper has the inner nonstick coating and heavy duty aluminum body that can be stored in the fridge and used in a double boiler. You can buy the Mastrad whipper at their website as well as Amazon and other gourmet kitchen stores for about $60 and it comes in red or black.

I highly recommend the Mastrad Gourmet Whipper as a fantastic way to liven up meals and desserts for that extra touch that shows you care.

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