Logitech MK520 Mouse and Keyboard Combo

Logitech MK520 Update

The Logitech MK520 Mouse and Keyboard Update

Logitech MK520 Combo, Logitech K520 Keyboard and M310 Wireless Mouse

Not sure what happened here but over the years since my review I seem to have lost the mouse and don’t even remember if it died or not. Today I was searching for keyword search terms and came upon the Logiteck MK520 which is the keyboard and mouse combination that I reviewed back in December of 2010. The MK520 has been an excellent keyboard but the mouse seems to have run away on me, I cannot find it and do not really remember if it died or what.

logitech mk520 mouse and keyboard set

While I cannot really give an update on the M310 mouse that is part of this set I can say that the keyboard has been going strong on one of my computers since my original review. I routinely swap out keyboards and mice but one thing that has remained constant is the need for a wireless keyboard with one of my computers as I usually set it aside for occasional use while mainly using the mouse.

My main work computer is the one I do writing and most of my reviews on while my second computer is the one that gets a lot of the software and games loaded onto it so that is the one that has been using the Logitech MK520 as its main keyboard for a couple of years. The keyboard is great as you can easily move it to the side so it has been getting roughed up a bit with being set on a side table or the floor standing on edge while I watch movies, videos or listen to music on that system.

The keyboard has held up well without even the battery cover getting broken and the keyboard itself shows very little signs of wear. While I do not use the keyboard for typing articles and such I routinely use it all day long in searching on that computer, starting and stopping movies or music and for work with games or programs.

Usually at night, around nine o’clock or so the fun begins and I get to game on that system as it has my Intel solid state drive so it does work better for gaming. I use the Logitech keyboard for gaming as it works well and without hassles of wires so the keyboard has worked great for both everyday work and video gaming fun.

I still highly recommend the Logitech MK520 Keyboard and mouse set even if my mouse seems to have gotten eaten by my cat, hey Porcupine, cough up my mouse.

Mouse! What Mouse? Logitech MK520
Mouse! What Mouse?


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