Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard

Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard with Hub

Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard with Hub

The Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard is a regular keyboard for your entertainment use with devices like Xbox, PlayStation and Roku.

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Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard
Logitech Smart Keyboard

The Harmony Smart Keyboard from Logitech is a new way to control entertainment devices like console game systems and streaming players like the Roku. The Smart Keyboard is available with or without the Hub which is a wireless connection between your network but the hub is required to set up the keyboard.

The Harmony Smart Keyboard connects to your devices through the wireless network you have at home and through infrared using the hub or an infrared receiver. The Harmony Hub connects to your network using Wi-Fi while the keyboard connects to it using Bluetooth with the receiver for in cabinet use of the hub and other devices.

The Smart Keyboard is a great way to type on devices like the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and media streaming devices. Media streaming using the Roku and TiVo work with the Smart Keyboard for an easy way to type in search and for adding email and passwords while signing in.

Whats in the Box Harmony Smart Keyboard
Whats in the Box

The Harmony Smart Keyboard needs a smartphone with android or an iOS to set it up so you do need a smartphone or tablet at least initially. Setup works well but you need to connect a smartphone or tablet to your wifi network so you also need a home network to use the Smart Keyboard.

Once connected and working you can use the Smart Keyboard and the Hub to control your entertainment center like a television and a PlayStation 3. I did have some issues like having to reconnect my tablet every time a certain amount of time passed or when shutting off the system.

When I turned the television or the tablet back on the connection would be gone and I would have to reconnect to the Hub but they did fix this. Since receiving the Harmony Smart Keyboard and Hub I have updated the firmware and that problem is gone but others have crept in.

TV Menu
TV Menu

The system has little issues like power on and off not synching with the television and the Hub where the Hub has forgotten that the TV is on or off. This may not seem like an issue but at times the Hub thinks the TV is off but it is on so you have to navigate to the TV and turn it on or off.

Other times the issue is with the use of the system with a PC like my Windows computer that just does not have the control for watching Netflix. You can use the Smart Keyboard to control a computer but it only works as a keyboard with touchpad instead of being able to perform tasks.

Not to say that they won’t someday but the Harmony Smart Keyboard does not really do much for a computer that a standard keyboard does while the touchpad also only adds so much function. The Smart Keyboard works well with many devices but with others it still has some bugs to work out or just does not work at all.

PC Control
PC Control

The Smart Keyboard costs about $150 with the Hub which is a bit expensive when you’re talking about adding a keyboard to your entertainment system. That may seem like a bit of a pricey keyboard and I would have to agree but for some the features outweigh the price.

The Smart Keyboard does work well but you should make sure your devices work with the keyboard as well as understanding the problems inherent with it. The Smart Keyboard’s touchpad may not work with some smart TV’s as the control may not be used at all because there is no use for a cursor on that particular TV.

For many devices like the PlayStation 3 the Smart Keyboard worked very well and it is handy to use a keyboard with the gaming console. The Keyboard worked just fine for my gaming console but at $150 I had expected it to work better than it does.

The small glitches like having to reconnect and an occasional power synching should not be happening as often as it does but I do expect things to get resolved eventually. The Smart Keyboard with Hub from Logitech may be a bit of an unfinished product but does work well for the devices I tried.

If you are looking for a new keyboard device for your entertainment system the Logitech Smart Keyboard is worth a look to see if it can do what you need. Check out the Logitech Smart Keyboard with Hub for a new way to control yur entertainment system.

Smart Keyboard @ Logitech

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Controls over 225,000 devices
Can Control devices like gaming console and media streamers
Firmware is being updated

Requires Smartphone, Tablet or iPhone for initial setup
Software may need some upgrades
Lost what power state the TV was on

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