Lincoln Blu-ray

Lincoln Blu-ray

Lincoln Blu-ray

Abraham Lincoln is given a new look in this Steven Spielberg film that only encompasses the last four months of his life and the defining moments of the 13th amendment to abolish slavery in America.

Film making 4/5
Video 5/5
Audio 5/5
Bonus Features 2/5

Recommendation 5/5 Stars

Lincoln Blu-ray

Who knew that President Lincoln had actually delayed peace talks between the North and South as well as used other political games to work toward the abolishment of slavery. The country was tired of fighting and wanted an end to the Civil War but President Lincoln wanted more than anything to end slavery instead.

Fearing that the country would walk away from an abolishment to slavery in order to end the fighting Lincoln fights to push the amendment through congress. President Lincoln does win and the 13th Amendment to our constitution is passed but during this Lincoln himself is pushing limits to his Presidency.

Hiding the peace talk’s delegation from public view and making deals to get enough votes for the amendment to pass show the trials and tribulations that historical leaders have faced. Lincoln the film shows the troubles faced in that day and age while it also shows the inner workings that are still very much a part of politics today.

Lincoln is a great film and aside from a few overly sentimental moments at the beginning and end the film really is a great look at a pivotal moment in Lincoln’s life. The film really holds interest and shows the life of the times as well as a lot of the behind the scenes work in politics and in government no matter the time.

Lincoln is a great look into the mind of President Lincoln and the fight he made not to end the war but to end slavery which he saw as the more important issue. I really think Lincoln is one of those films that is going to be required viewing in schools as a somewhat accurate look at politics and a defining moment in American history.

Video and audio for Blu-ray edition of Lincoln is excellent with a near perfect Blu-ray transfer that has no problems at all. Color is muted and toned down to reflect the period but occasional glimpses at colorful clothing or the stark white of the White House shows the color palette is really well done.

Lighting is used many times for excellent effect to scenes such as the darker sets inside the White House where lighting was from gas lights and candles. Other scenes that show the better lighting has a perfect balance and look to the film and subject that really draws you into the picture.

Audio is excellent and the DTS-HD 7.1 surround sound track may be a bit over the top for speaker count due to the more voice centered film but they make great use of surround speakers. The side and rear speakers are used well and most of the time unnoticed until a specific moment catches your attention from the side or rear like a horse in a street scene.

Audio is excellent and even though seven speakers are rarely used to much affect this is one movie that it does sound pretty good with a full 7.1 setup. Video and audio are both as near perfect as you could ever expect and without any problems that are noticeable at all so a perfect score here is warranted.

Bonus features on the Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy edition include a full Blu-ray disc worth of extras with commentary and making of features. Bonus features here are well worth the extra cost and the one thing that makes this copy stand out over just the DVD edition.

The extras all center on the film and specific choices made during filming as well as commentary with cast and crew but leaves out much of the history behind President Lincoln. I was actually disappointed by the lack of any bonus content about the historical accuracy or other history of Lincoln on the discs.

Lincoln is a great film and one that I highly recommend not only as a look into the history of the 16th President but a great look at a point in politics that defined our nation.

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