Life-Phorm Tablet Stand

Life-Phorm Tablet Stand, Smartphone Stand & Camera Stand

Lethal Protection Life-Phorm Tablet Stand

The Lethal Protection Life-Phorm is a unique tablet stand for use with tablets, smartphones and cameras but simple solutions do not always make for sturdy ways to hold expensive electronics.

Ease of Use, Performance:  3/5

Look & Feel:  3/5
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Recommendation:  2.5/5 Stars

Tablet Stand, Smartphone Stand & Camera Stand

The Life-Phorm by Lethal Protection is a unique stand for tablets, smartphones and even digital cameras but some cautionary use and common sense does come into play when using it. The Life-Phorm is an electronics stand that has six moveable legs that each have three joints so the legs can be adjusted in a variety of configurations.

The base of the stand has a common 1/4 inch threaded bolt and a tightening nut that is easy to use with your hand to secure your electronics or the two metal and rubber coated tablet or smartphone clamp pieces. The clamp holds either a tablet or smartphone using the simple single screw on the back and sliding the clamp pieces against your smartphone or tablet to hold it in place.

The legs all have a screw so you can tighten the leg joints and increase the holding power of each joint and the ends of each leg has a rubber coated hook for holding onto surfaces and uneven objects. The stand can only be used about six inches above a surface so the Life-Phorm does not take the place of more traditional camera tripods.

Tablet Stand Life-Phorm

The Life-Phorm can be used in a lot of varied situations and odd places but the stand should have some kind of tension to hold tablets as I am just not confident enough that it held my tablet well enough. The stand does not use tension to hold the tablet or smartphone so it can slide out the side when working with the stand trying to place it on odd situations.

Unlike some stands that use some kind of tensioned or spring loaded clamp the Life-Phorm simply uses the clamps with the main screw holding them together so the tablet is not held in secure enough. I would be hesitant to secure my iPad tablet that costs several hundred dollars in the Life-Phorm and then hang it in a tree using the clamps that only hold the tablet with the single connection point and no tension.

The Life-Phorm does hold my PlayBook or Next5 tablet but only in portrait view with the clamp only being long enough to hold the longer side of the tablet and not the shorter side. The clamps one piece does have a hinge and opens to about 8 inches to increase the length of the one piece but for some tablets you are out of luck to hold your tablet in the landscape view.

The Life-Phorm is a great concept but a little more design and engineering would have made the device a more secure way to hold your expensive electronics. The Life-Phorm can be used to hold digital cameras but the box shows some disturbing pictures like the camcorder being held to the windscreen of a boat or the iPhone on the handlebars of a bike.

Tablet Stand on Shelf

The Life-Phorm makes a nice way to prop up your tablet or smartphone in some odd situations like on a piano or on a shelf in my kitchen but there is no way I’m trusting a stand like this with my expensive camcorder other than setting it on a table. The stand works well but for the price of about $50 I think it should have some sort of tension clamping system instead of just two clamps that slide together and hold the tablet between their curved ends.

The stand works well enough for a digital camera in a few situations but I found very little use for it while out for a convention recently other than as a stand to prop up my tablet. The Life-Phorm does hold my DSLR securely for taking shots from a table or hanging from the back of a chair but I really am not trusting this stand to hold my thousand dollar camera on the side of a tree.

If you have the money to spare and have found that you just need a stand for your tablet, smartphone, DSLR or point and shoot-camera for odd situations the Life-Phorm may just be what you’re looking for. I just cannot see spending the money on this as it just does not hold my tablet securely enough for the odd situations I was interested in or in the orientation I wanted.

Tablet Stand Life-Phorm with DSLR

The Life-Phorm may fit some situations for some devices but I am looking elsewhere for an all in one stand and DSLR holder that is more secure for my expensive electronics. I just cannot recommend the Life-Phorm unless you have a specific situation in mind with it that holds your device in the orientation you need.

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