Libre Tea Glasses

Libre Tea 9 oz and 14 oz Travel Tea Glass Infuser

Libre Tea 9 oz and 14 oz Travel Tea Glass Infuser

The Libre Tea Glass Infuser in both 9 and 14 ounce sizes are nice glass and poly Tritan travel mugs that include a stainless steel filter for loose leaf tea.

Ease of Use/Performance: 2/5
Quality/Craftsmenship 2/5
Appearance/Design 2/5
How much I enjoy 2/5

Total: 2/5

Libre Tea Glasses

The Libre Tea Glass Tumbler in the 9 and 14 ounce sizes are both glass with poly Tritan tumblers that feature a stainless steel filter for loose leaf tea. The Libre Tea Infuser can be used in a few different ways with the filter to keep the loose leaf tea in the glass or in the basket.

You can brew tea in the filter basket by filling the glass with hot water and then screwing the filter portion of the lid on the glass and adding tea to the filter. You then screw the lid on the filter section and invert the glass to brew the tea to your desired strength.

Once the tea is brewed you turn the glass over and carefully remove both sections to enjoy your tea without any tea leaves in the water. The filter section and lid section have a thin metal outer cover which can dent easily and the tops of both glasses have a decorative insert.

9 & 14 Ounce Libre Tea Glasses

Using either the in glass tea brewing or in the filter was a good option but I did find the filter only holds so much tea so you are limited in strength. I would prefer a slightly larger filter for the 14 ounce glass as it just does not hold enough for my taste and strength of herbal teas that I enjoy.

Brewing tea was easy in both glasses and the poly Tritan outer shell of the glasses really is tough but the same cannot be said of the metal covered lids. The first time I took the 14 ounce Libre Tea glass on the road my wife dented the lid when she bumped it with her seatbelt.

A week or so later I dropped the lid when taking a drink and further dented the lid so now it has dents all over the top lid of the larger Libre glass. The smaller one has not seen as much use so it has survived relatively intact but the lid is the same thin metal which will dent easily.

Libre Tea 9 Ounce

Another issue I found is the filter is such a closed weave that it holds water as well as tea so pouring water through it can be an exercise in slow pouring. You really do need to pour the water in the glass then add the filter lid with the tea so the water is not poured through the stainless steel filter.

The Libre tea glasses work well for the most part but even cross threading the lids are a risk you have to watch out for when screwing them on. If you get the lid on wrong hot water can leak out when you tipped the glass over to brew and you run the risk of burning yourself.

I was rather surprised about the quality not being equal to the price with the 9 ounce costing $24 and the 14 ounce costing $29. Other reviews on Amazon also mention the thinner metal lids and water leaking out when tipping the glasses over so I am not alone in my views.

Libre Tea 14 Ounce

When using the Libre tea glasses and inverting them I found they leaked unless I did make sure the lids were screwed on properly every time. I just thought that a price tag of $24 and $29 for the two glasses would warrant a bit better quality and attention to design.

While the Libre Tea glasses worked fairly well I just thought the price demanded a better quality overall and just cannot recommend the glasses.

Libre Tea Website

Libre Tea @ Amazon

Poly Tritan exterior protects glass interior
Stainless steel filter for loose leaf tea
Easy to use

Thin metal on lids dents easily
Water can leak from lids if not screwed on properly
Stainless steel filter could be larger



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