Leverage The Final Season

Leverage The Final Season DVD Review

Leverage The Final Season

Leverage The Final Season or season five is a great end to a fun and entertaining series that is unfortunately at an end.

Film making 5/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 2/5

Recommendation 4/5 Stars

Leverage The Final Season

Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Aldis Hodge, Christian Kane and Beth Riesgraf star in Leverage and for five seasons have stolen from the rich and given to the poor. While not exactly modern day Robin Hoods they do work for the poor and ones who have no one else to turn to for justice.

“We provide leverage” is the saying that the show has been using from the pilot episode and that is basically what they do. Leverage means influence or power to achieve a desired result and in the case of the series has meant getting even.

Helping people get justice, get their money back from scammers and even getting back at criminals when they get away with their crimes. Leverage has spent five seasons both helping the little people and putting bad guys in jail like the first rich guy who tried to use the team for his own scam.

Victor Dubenich first brought the thief, hitter, hacker and grifter together with the ex-insurance investigator (mastermind) to steal some airplane plans. After five seasons and an attempt at revenge from both Dubenich and other rich people the Leverage team is still escaping tight spots to help others.

Along the way they use their alternate revenue stream to earn enough money to finance their adventure as well as get ready for retirement. The team does a great job at seeking revenge using humor and smart plots as well as great acting to complete the great show.

Season five has the usual suspects of bad guys to get back at as well as a few returning cast from previous episodes. The final episode reveals that three of the cast are continuing the firm but changing the name to Leverage International.

In the final season Parker finds out more about herself and grows as a person while she also deepens her relationship with Hardison. Nate and Sophie retire from their life of getting even while Eliot finds out more about his inner demons and works at getting rid of them.

Leverage does a lot in a short time for season five with a bit of a different feel to the final season than the others. It’s almost like the end is near and everyone knows and is not trying to deny it so they are just having fun till the last episode.

Video and audio quality are great but not perfect with great looking colors and some very good surround sound from the Dolby Digital 5.1 sound track. The video is great but on occasion colors can be a bit muted with some effects being a bit obvious.

The show has continued to be great but special effects can be a bit obvious with some lower budget computer graphics and such but overall video quality is great. Audio is also great with good surround sound but again a few problems creep in that are somewhat noticeable but overall great.

Extras include a few deleted scenes, a short gag reel and audio commentary for all 15 episodes which is the better of the bonus features. The gag reel is alright but mostly the audio commentary is the hit of the extras but even then they’re not that great.

Leverage has taken us for a ride for five seasons and on DVD is now a treat to return to for some rousing fun at getting even. I highly recommend Leverage: The Final Season and if you have not seen it before check out all the seasons of Leverage for a great series.

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