LEGO Technic Moto Cross Bike

LEGO Technic Moto Cross Bike Set

LEGO Technic Moto Cross Bike

The Lego Moto Cross Bike is a new LEGO set number 42007 for the Technic line that includes instructions to build a moto cross bike and a speedway motorbike from the 253 piece set.

Ease of Use/Instructions: 4/5
Appearance/Design 4/5
Price/Value 4/5
How much I enjoy 4/5

Recommendation: 4/5

LEGO Technic Moto Cross Bike

The LEGO Moto Cross Bike set is a new Technic model for 2013 with 253 pieces and instructions for both the moto cross bike and the speedway motorbike. The Moto Cross Bike set includes two large motorcycle wheels, working shock absorbers, chain link drive and several specialty parts including engine components and panels.

The Moto Cross Bike has the working piston engine with two cylinders and the Speedway Motorbike has the single cylinder for a realistic working engine where you can see the pistons moving. The set includes working shock absorbers and a chain link drive for the rear wheel that turns the engine when you move the model like a real bike.LEGO Moto Cross Bike Whats in the Box

The kit has fairly easy to follow instructions but due to the engine component use of gears and chain links this is a Technic set which is for the 9 to 16 age group. Some of the components like the chain installation does require some finer motor skills and the links are a bit small so the age recommendation does fit the model.

The models are fairly easy to assemble and took me about an hour each to build with instructions that are easy to follow with their picture only manual. Instructions do include pictures for length of beams and axles along with good piece by piece building and well done instructions for things like inserting axles and turning the model around.

A handy part of the instructions is life sized pictures of some pieces like those beams and axles so you can compare the actual piece with the instructions to make sure you have the correct piece. This may not be much of a concern when you only have one kit but with more pieces in your toy box easily getting the right pieces for each model becomes important.

LEGO Moto Cross Bike

The current instructions are LEGO’s answer to years of designing and selling kits as well as getting feedback from customers who build the models. The instructions are designed for younger LEGO builders but getting into the Technic sets you do have some more difficult steps like those engine components.

I had no problem building both sets as well as playing around with some other designs but the model is a bit limited to build other vehicles besides motorcycles or bicycles. The set does not contain a lot of beams for structures but it does have a good assortment of specialty parts for a good starter set for a more complete collection.

The Moto Cross Bike is a great set but is a bit limited to a select amount of builds but you can use it as a good set for future collections. Looking at the Lego Technic site I think the Moto Cross Bike and the Quad Bike would make a fantastic pair that would really make a great gift or a starter to a good collection of LEGOs.

LEGO Speedway Motorbike

In the end the Moto Cross set 42007 from LEGO Technic does work great as a model but is limited in how many models you can build due to the smaller amount of pieces.

LEGO Technic Moto Cross Bike

LEGO Technic Quad Bike

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