Knife Set Kuhn Rikon Safari Colori

Kuhn Rikon Safari Colori Knife Set

Kuhn Rikon Safari Colori Chef and Nakiri Knife Set

The Kuhn Rikon Safari Colori collection includes a Chef’s and Nakiri Knife Set that makes a great kitchen and serving pair of knives that are both functional and festive with their nonstick blade patterns.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4.5/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 4.5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 4.5/5

kuhn rikon safari colori

The Kuhn Rikon Colori collection of kitchen tools is a colorful but useful assortment of high quality knives and other kitchen gadgets for those wishing to spice up their cooking and dining areas. The Colori collection has a wide variety of kitchen knives and a few other kitchen gadgets in colorful selections instead of the usual shiny steel.

Kuhn Rikon has released the Safari collection with zebra stripes and a cheetah print on the blades of the knives in each set. The cheetah print is a nice three color design with the spots a cheetah uses to camouflage itself in the wild but in the kitchen they make a fun design.

The Kuhn Rikon Safari Colori set I received includes the handy all around 6.5 inch chef knife and a 3.5 inch mini prep knife called a Nakiri knife along with covers for both. The chef’s knife with its 6.5 inch blade is a good all-around kitchen knife useful for general cooking and cutting up for prep work of meals.

using the safari colori for meat cutting

The Nakiri knife is good for cutting smaller items like hunks of cheese or slicing olives as well as vegetables that are smaller. The Nakiri design is based on the Japanese style vegetable knife called nakiri bocho which uses a straight and thin blade.

While the knife design is similar it is not exactly the same as the Japanese blade as it does have an edge that is sharpened on both sides and the edge is not as straight as the Japanese version. The smaller Nakiri knife makes quick work of smaller things like cutting up olives or pickles as well as small vegetables like scallions and even working with sushi.

The Chef’s knife works well for general use like cutting up chicken and vegetables as well as general prep work for cooking meals and entertaining. The knife makes a great looking serving knife for things like breads and quick breads at a table or buffet with its cheetah pattern and simple black handle.

safari colori for prep work

The handles on both knives are black plastic with a control indent at the end where the knife blade and handle meet for a way to grip the knife if it becomes slippery. The blade is covered with the cheetah pattern except for the sharpened edge which aids in food not sticking to the blade.

The Safari Colori blades use a nonstick coating that is the pattern painted on the blades which helps the food not stick to the blade while cutting. The Chef’s knife is the design for being able to cut foods all the way through to your cutting surface without having the fingers get in the way.

The Nakiri knife has the same deign but it does not have a pointed end and it is a smaller knife so the handle may not have enough room for your fingers. The Nakiri design is actually much better when used without your fingers going all the way around the handle for precise control while cutting.

safari nakiri knife

The smaller design allows for better control when cutting smaller foods and the rectangle blade allows for scooping up the cut pieces easier. I have used both knives for food like cheese, chicken, pork, onions, mushrooms, pickles and olives on an almost daily basis for a month.

Both knives work well and are a handy starter set or a great gift for a good set of knives for the kitchen and will keep an edge for a good time. The blades are made from Japanese high carbon steel which keeps an edge a bit better than some other knives I have owned.

Both knives are also easy to sharpen with the right tools, like the Work Sharp Tool Sharpener I recently reviewed which gave both knives back the same edge that they came to me with. The chef’s knife did get a bit dull when I used it on some bones so the knife needed a quick sharpening which was easy with the belt sander type sharpener from Work Sharp.

The knife is as good as new and with an edge that can easily shave the hair off my arm which is how sharp it was when I received them. The covers do a great job of protecting the knives edges if you do not have a knife block to put them in so the covers are handy for storing them in a drawer.

The Safari Colori 2 piece knife set is available from several sites on line for about $30 and I did find a set of three knives in this line on Amazon for about $45. I highly recommend the Kuhn Rikon Safari Colori for a great kitchen knife set for yourself or as a gift that will make a big hit.

Safari Colori @ Kuhn Rikon

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