Kuhn Rikon KochBlume Spill Stopper

Kuhn Rikon Spill Stopper

Kuhn Rikon KocheBlume Spill Stopper

The Kuhn Rikon KochBlume Spill Stopper prevents spills and messes on your cooktop from pots boiling over as well as covering your pot, pan or plate as a regular splatter guard.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 4/5
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Total: 4/5

Kuhn Rikon KochBlume Spill Stopper

The KochBlume Spill Stopper uses a unique design made from silicone for a heat proof lid and splatter guard as well as a way to prevent your recipe from boiling over. The Silicon Spill Stopper comes in two sizes for 6 to 8 inch pans or 8 to 10 inch pans with prices at $25 and $30 with various colors to choose from.

I received a larger 11.5 inch diameter Spill Stopper that fits larger pots and pans such as my two aluminum pots I use often for boiling. The Spill Stopper has two loops for using as handles and to hang the Spill Stopper on a wall or pot hook if you want to for storage.

Spill Stopper Upside Down

The Spill Stopper has a conical shape which makes the center of the Spill Stopper much like a bowl so when it is placed on a pot or pan it can drip back into the cookware. If you turn the Spill Stopper over it makes a dome shape but the vent petals will hang downward so if you push the inside of the Spill Stopper it will pop inside out.

If you have the petals on top and the top pushed upward as a dome you can use the Spill Stopper as a lid or splatter guard on a pot or on a plate in the microwave. If you push the Spill Stopper inward to create a bowl, its natural shape, the KochBlume can be used as a splatter guard and a boil over preventer.

The Spill Stopper has a central vent with six sections shaped much like a flower with six petals that allows steam and liquid to boil through. The vents have another piece of silicone over them that are much thinner but slightly larger so you have a vent with a valve using the thinner silicone petals.

boiling noodles

The design is ingenious and a great way to ensure any liquid that boils over does not spill anywhere but goes back into the pot. The silicone petals are soft and very flexible so when a liquid boils over it goes up into the bowl shaped area and stays near the center to drip back into the pot.

This works great for starch and milk type liquids like boiling potatoes, noodles and soups so if the ingredients do boil over it won’t go all over the burners or cooktop. For other types of cooking like chili, stews and spaghetti you can use the Spill Stopper as a lid to prevent splatter prevention.

The Spill Stopper can also be used to stop splatter when cooking foods like hamburgers or sausage so that your cooktop and counters do not get grease or other food on them. I have been using the Spill Stopper for many meals over the past few months and have really liked the easy way it works without having any kind of handle in the way like many of the lids and splatter guards do.

spill stopper as a lid

The Kuhn Rikon KochBlume Spill Stopper is made of silicone so it will not stain or melt but it does get hot so you have to make sure to use a glove when removing it from a cooking pot. The silicone does cool off quickly and you can place it right on a countertop without worrying it will burn or scorch the counter.

You can also use it in the microwave as a splatter guard for both cooking and heating food like when simply reheating leftovers. The dome shape when popped inside out makes a great plate guard so you can put a plate of food in the microwave so the microwaves inside does not get splatters.

The Spill Stopper is dishwasher safe and easy to clean as the thinner petal shapes part comes off which is held in place on the larger lid with a silicone tab. The tab is part of the center of the petal design that is made from silicone that fits into a square hole on the rest of the Spill Stopper.

spill stopper as a splatter guard

The thinner petal part comes off but stays put when in use so you can easily wash the parts in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher. The Kuhn Rikon KochBlume, KochBlume means cook flower, Spill Stopper costs $25 to $30 and is an easy to use splatter guard and over boiling preventer that fits a variety of pot and pan sizes.

I highly recommend the Kuhn Rikon Spill Stopper for a handy and excellent way to keep the kitchen clean and tidy when cooking soups, stews, and other foods.

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