Kapoosh Knife and Utensil Caddy

Kapoosh Knife Utensil Holder Kitchen Caddy

Kapoosh Knife and Utensil Holder Kitchen Caddy

The Kapoosh Knife and Utensil Holder Kitchen Caddy is a unique knife block with two caddy compartments held to the side with magnets but the knife block is the unique aspect with no set slots for your knives.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 4.5/5

kapoosh knife and utensil caddy

ARY Inc. has come out with a unique and inventive way to replace those specific slotted knife blocks to hold your knives without resorting to magnets. A few companies have come out with this type of knife holder that uses what ARY calls Freedom Rods for its Kapoosh knife blocks.

The Freedom Rods are hundreds of plastic rods that are glued together in a square to create a nest that holds your knives in the block. The Freedom Rods create a stack of rods that are as tall as the block or in the case of the Utensil Holder Kitchen Caddy block about 8.25 inches.

The Knife Block and side compartments are made from Bamboo that has been glued together in a nice pattern and has some kind of protective coating on it for water proofing. The entire Kapoosh Caddy is great looking and makes a great addition to my kitchen as well as being very hand for storing knives and utensils.

pieces of the knife and utensil caddy

The Kapoosh Knife and Utensil Holder Kitchen Caddy that I received for review is model 675 and has the two side compartments for holding various utensils. The block part of the Kitchen Caddy has a 4.5 inch square area for the knife block and the two side compartments that are almost half circles about 4.5 inches across.

The side compartments are easily removable from the main block using three magnets and steel discs to keep the compartments on the block but you can remove them and use them on their own. The two side compartments are 5.5 inches tall while the knife block is ten inches tall and can easily hold a knife with blade 8 to 9 inch blade in the Freedom Rods.

The bottom of the Freedom Rods are glued together and the whole block slides into the wooden Kapoosh block but there is a plastic cup under the block. This cup holds the Freedom Rods in the block with three “L” brackets holding the block of Freedom Rods and the cup in place.

front of kapoosh caddy

I typically have a three knife set from Chicago cutlery and a bread knife that my son received from 4-H that is 8.5 inches long in the block along with a few others. The knives all fit easily, I have put 15 knives in the block and it is a bit crowded but ten knives fit easily with plenty of elbow room.

The Kapoosh knife block can hold about ten knives without things being crowded along with some smaller spatulas in one side compartment and a peeler and can opener in the other. The side compartments make a handy place to store odd things like a can opener and the peeler that I use more often than other utensils.

The smaller spatulas make a good utensil for the other compartment as they are too short to store in a utensil holder that has my spatulas, pancake flippers and cooking spoons. The Kapoosh Kitchen Caddy is a great way to hold not only your daily knives along with other utensils and keep them handy.

a sharpening steel even fits

I have been using the Kapoosh Caddy for a month and have not had any of the Freedom Rods cut which is one complaint I found online for the Kapoosh Knife Blocks. A customer had bought one of the Kapoosh Knife blocks and has been cutting the rods quite frequently which I cannot understand how he could be doing this.

The rods are packed tightly enough that they do not move around much and when inserting and removing a knife all you need is gentle pressure. To cut the rods would require either a fast removal or if you pack so many knives into it the rods are not allowed to move at least some.

I really do not have any problems with the Kapoosh Knife and Utensil Holder Kitchen Caddy and have enjoyed adding it to my kitchen décor. I highly recommend the Kapoosh Knife and Utensil Holder Kitchen Caddy for a universal knife block and utensil holder that costs about $50.

kapoosh with knives and utensils
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