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 Joseph Joseph TriScale

The Joseph Joseph TriScale is a handy compact digital scale that is perfect for the kitchen but has a unique folding design to make it compact enough to fit in a drawer or cashbox.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
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Total: 5/5

Joseph Joseph TriScale

The Joseph Joseph TriScale is a handy digital scale designed to fold up to a compact 6 by 1.75 by 1/2 inch size when folded up. The scale uses three rubber covered feet as the triple points for weighing that are on the bottom of the scale.

These three points should be out fully and can fit a small, medium and large bowl due to the top of the scale being flat along all its surface except for the digital readout. While you can use it with the legs unfolded most of the way you should just unfold it fully for a stable three point base.

The TriScale uses a button cell battery that fits in the base leg that has the scales LED display which has two push button sections below it. The buttons are marked with a power symbol and ZERO for one and Unit for the other with the obvious power button also being used to zero out the scale.

Joseph Joseph Whats in the Box

The unit button changes the scales function to the various weight units the scale measures in going from gram to pound and ounces, milliliters then fluid ounces. The difference between pound ounces and fluid ounces is the fluid ounces continues to measure only in ounces while the pound ounces setting uses pound and ounces once it goes past 16 ounces.

The scale can measure up to 5 kilograms or 11 pounds and makes an excellent kitchen scale for weighing ingredients and keeping your cooking experience simpler. Just why would you want a kitchen scale for anything other than dieting may come to mind but recipes is one reason and weighing for selling is another.

Measuring for weight control and portioning food is one reason but for cooking and ensuring you get the correct measurements for ingredients makes the most sense. I have been finding out lately when baking and cooking that correct measurements are a key to consistency.

TriScale Folded

Not having as many dishes and measuring cups also makes it easy for cooking so there are actually a few reasons beyond exact measurements. The foods you add to a recipe should be measured so you get no wrong measurements due to differing measuring techniques.

Several studies have been conducted with how people measure ingredients and flour is a perfect example in how much peoples measuring techniques can vary how much is actually in the same sized measuring cup. Different people measured out flour and where getting from four to six ounces as measured by weight for the same cup of flour.

When a recipe calls for a cup of flour people are known to pack, tap and otherwise alter just how much actually goes into that cup. Cheese is another great example if you think about a finely shredded cheese using a planer versus a large holed box shredder.

Bottom of TriScale

If you think about the same cheese and shredding it with a planer or a large holed grater the same shreds will not equal the same volume. If you weigh ingredients you get rid of varying styles to how you measure out ingredients which gets rid of differences in volume when using ingredients in a recipe.

Adding ingredients by weight also means easier cooking when you have less cups and spoons to clean up, think about honey or peanut butter in a recipe. When you measure out honey or other sticky ingredients you lose some of that ingredient still in the spoon or other measuring cup.

You can spray the measuring device with cooking spray to make getting all the ingredient out or you can just bypass this totally by adding the correct amount to a recipe in one bowl. I tried this a few times and rather enjoy not having all those measuring cups and spoons to wash as I do not have a dishwasher.

Using TriScale for Recipe

Actually I do have a dishwasher, me, and I would much rather keep the amount of dishes I have to wash to a minimum so less dishes to wash sounds great to me. I did find smaller measurements like teaspoons and fractions of teaspoons are harder to measure so I think I’ll stay with measuring spoons for the small stuff.

For recipes that require a measuring cup I am going to be using a trusty scale to keep down on the mess and to make recipes easier. Figuring out my favorite recipes for weights instead of volume is easy with handy conversion charts and even a website that will convert volume measures of a wide variety of ingredients into weights for you.

You can use the Joseph Joseph TriScale for weighing food while dieting or for use in a home based business for weighing out portions. The scale works well and is a handy convertible style that makes tossing it in a cash box quit easy.

weighing food

The Joseph Joseph TriScale makes a handy and easy to use scale no matter what you use it for and works well around the kitchen aor wherever you need it. I highly recommend the TriScale for a pocket sized scale to measure in ounces grams and milliliters at home or at the market.

TriScale @ Joseph Joseph

Online Food Calculator

Accurate Digital Scale
Small size when folded
Affordable at about $30


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