GorillaPod Focus

Joby GorillaPod Focus + Ballhead X Review

Joby GorillaPod Focus + Ballhead X Review

The GorillaPod Focus makes a unique flexible tripod that is great for location shooting using those full sized DSLR cameras and camcorders that creates a solid platform.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  4/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

GorillaPod Focus

The GorillaPod Focus is a sturdy flexible tripod that comes with the Ballhead X as a bundle for a great tripod and ballhead set for both professional and amateur photographers. The GorillaPod Focus is made for larger cameras and camcorders up to 11 pounds and can easily handle all DSLR cameras with a wide variety of lenses.

The GorillaPod family of tripods all feature a unique ball and socket leg joint construction that allows each leg to be bent and positioned. The legs are 11 inches long with each joint piece being about an inch long and the end pieces of each leg being tipped in rubber.

GorillaPod Focus Ballhead X

Each joint piece also has a rubber ring around the middle so these points hold on to objects when the legs are wrapped around them. Each leg can be used to wrap around objects like fence posts and tree limbs or just positioned for a steady tripod that can be easily positioned on uneven ground.

The GorillaPod Focus is designed to use the legs to wrap around objects with the ball and socket joints of each leg allowing them to bend in a circle or straight. With the bendable legs you can wrap one or all three legs around objects as well as use a couple legs to wrap around an object and the third as a support leg.

GorillaPod Focus Hanging Around

The tripod allows you to position your camera where you want it regardless of odd angles using a smaller tripod that is easier to carry. The GorillaPod Focus is only about a foot long and is easy to carry along with you in the field as well as in crowded areas where space is a problem.

The smaller size allows you to keep your equipment weight down as well but still have the flexibility you need as a professional photographer. The Focus is made for getting the shot you need with as little equipment as possible and the tripod works extremely well for this.

Focus w/ DSLR

The Ballhead X comes with the bundle package and is a professional ballhead that has one thumbscrew for rotation and the second for tilt. The ballhead works well and is made from quality aluminum that also includes a removable head plate that releases using a thumbscrew.

The GorillaPod Focus and Ballhead X make a great pair and work well together as a great tripod that is very versatile and worth the price. When a full sized tripod is just too much to carry and you want the versatility of a professional tripod that is only a foot long the GorillaPod is a great choice.

Mount of GorillaPod Focus

I found an easy way to carry the Focus using a couple of Velcro straps that have a triangular ring that can hold snaps from a carry strap. The Velcro straps are from a tool belt and the carry strap is from a camera bag but I am sure there are other ways you can figure for carrying your GorillaPod.

The GorillaPod Focus and Ballhead X bundle is available from a wide variety of online and local sellers including Amazon and the Joby website. The GorillaPod Focus and Ballhead X bundle costs about $120 and is a fantastic tripod and ballhead for DSLR cameras and camcorders.

GorillaPod Carry Strap

Joby and other companies like Cinetics have released several accessories for the GorillaPod tripods like levels, skates and suction cups.

Flexible legs for various positioning
Small sized for portability
Sturdy aluminum for most parts

Carry strap not included

Joby/GorillaPod Website

Cinetics Website

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